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Korea University selected to partake in the BigData Job Training...
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  • 일 자 : 2018-04-26

Korea University selected to partake in the BigData Job Training Program
Korea Data Agency selects eight universities to train young bigdata professionals




The Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technology (MSIT) (Minister Young Min You), and Korea Data Agency (K-Data) (Director Young-Duk Lee) selected 8 universities to take part in the BigData Career Development Program, and held a ceremony to mark its commencement.

The BigData Career Development Program was designed in 2017 by MSIT and K-Data to select and train roughly 400 graduating college students who dream to be big data experts for 12 weeks in theory and program based practices in the field, and to support their career development. From this year, in order to meet present (and future) demands for the big Data workforce, MSIT and K-Data decided to invite several universities with differentiated and advanced competencies in big data education to the Program.

Korea University, Kyung Hee University, Dankook University, Donguk University, Busan National University, Sejong University, Yonsei University and Chonbuk National University have agreed to contribute to the Program at the Agreement Ceremony on Wednesday, April 18. In accordance with the agreement, each selected institution operates a specialized program in big data science.

Each institution promotes the Career Development Program so that every qualified student is aware of it, and selects trainees via interviews, assisted by professionals in the area. The trainees shall complete a 12-week program, comprised of an online preparatory course (2 weeks), professional intensive training (6 weeks) and a pilot project (4 weeks). Upon completion, they can use various career development services, such as career consultation, vocational training courses, a job recruiting fair, short-term on-the-job training sessions, or a one-to-one mentoring program.

Korea University expects this agreement to solidify its foundation to train and develop future leaders in the big data industry.

Applications to the BigData Career Development Program can be submitted at the Data Scientists’ Knowledge Portal (



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