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KUSR(Korea University
Institute for Social Responsibility)
KUSR, Living the True Value of Sharing Since its launch on December 23, 2008, KUSR has been working vigorously to to practice “noblesse oblige” under the motto of “Intellectuals to take action, leaders to think, a university to serve the society”. In order to fulfill the responsibilities of true intellectuals required by our times, it strives to make greater efforts to serve not only Korea but also all humankind everywhere in the world.

The three operational strategies of the KU social service organization

Educational services
Operating a social service organization that educates a social personality and cultivates a caring mentality
Research oriented services
Operating a social service organization that performs research to become a mecca of college volunteering
Communicational services
Operating a social service organization that communicates moral obligation until it becomes everyday interactions in life

Main areas of service activities & achievements

  • Educational services
    English/science/vision camps for areas with low educational opportunities, children & youth educational mentoring programs for service targets (such as multicultural families, North Korean refugee youth families, broken home/grandparent-headed/single parent families, low-income families, and disability facilities), etc.
  • Medical assistance services
    Blood donation programs, volunteering at the Anam pediatric ward, hematopoietic stem cell donation campaigns, etc.
  • Local community services
    Briquette delivery of love, serving the elderly living alone, local mural painting, volunteering at disability welfare facilities and child care facilities, etc.
  • Environmental Services
    Repairing houses, planting/taking care of tree, cleaning the environment, recycling campaigns, etc.
  • Other special services
    KUSR Festival (rummage sales, experiencing disabilities, introducing social contributory products, finding the right service work for me, etc.), 418 Sharing Hope Marathon, animal adoption campaign, awareness campaign for feral cats, guide services for matriculation and graduation ceremonies, etc.


KU Institute for Social Responsibility
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