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Cutting-edge education infrastructure observed and benchmarked b...
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  • Date : 2017-06-29

Cutting-edge education infrastructure observed and benchmarked by universities around the world
introducing Korea University future campus







When people think of Korea University, one of the first things that comes to mind is the beautiful campus.



The campus of KU, a place that preserves not only esthetic beauty, but also history and tradition, is now designing the future of university education by expanding cutting-edge campus infrastructure to which the world’s universities are paying attention. 



Here is a look at the KU infrastructure of the future campus that is currently being established based on the valuable support of donators, friends, and families of KU.







1. New Engineering Hall
The New Engineering Hall, built in November 2016, has the scale of eight stories above ground and two basement levels, with a total floor area of 26,719.77m² (8,083 pyeong). The purpose of the Hall is to foster ‘warm hearted global engineering talents’ who will move beyond KU in order to take responsibility for the future of the people and the world. By improving the quality of space for education, research, and experimentation, a stepping-stone for the College of Engineering to leap forward to be among the world’s most prestigious colleges has been prepared. In the midst of the trend of interdisciplinary research among various fields, the College of Engineering is expected to take further steps in leading advanced future industries.
2. Sudang Samyang Faculty House
Finally, a space will be prepared for improving the quality of education and research as well as faculty welfare. The Sudang Samyang Faculty House is the place. The House consists of various facilities such as a tennis court, a fitness center, seminar rooms, conference halls, and an honors club. In addition, the large scale Sudang Garden is planned on the third floor for outdoor events. In these elegantly arrange spaces, collaboration with professors from other departments and international academic conferences are expected to be held more smoothly. The groundbreaking ceremony was held last February, and the construction of the House is expected to be completed around February of 2018, with the scale of four stories above ground and one story below ground; the total floor area being 4,198.347m² (1,270 pyeong).



3. π-ville
π-ville is the student-only space that opened in September 2016 designed to foster knowledge creation. The building, consisting of 38 containers, is filled with lecture rooms, 15 studios, and a 3D printing open lab. Here, knowledge is accumulated and presented through KU competitive exhibitions, lecture outcomes, and research results. Actualizing works and ideas together is freely attempted. Unsuccessful attempts do not end up as failures, but are retried and realized through collaborations and communication intended to expand the ideas. π-ville is expected to provide space for pioneers armed with great ideas to unfold their creativity and initiatives without limits, just like the number form of π.




4. SK Future Hall
KU is creating ‘education space without lecture rooms’ for the first time in Korea. The SK Future Hall is a space for creating knowledge that will foster the talented individuals of the future. The Hall consists of liberal spaces such as 111 seminar rooms and 111 individual rooms for concentration in order to create a campus culture in which students can research and discuss ideas on their own. Such composition is based on the educational philosophy of KU, which asserts that college should be a place for creating and fostering new knowledge rather than providing didactic education. Moreover, standards of the future university will be proposed through Agora, for communication and collaboration, and Living Lab, the playground for originality. The groundbreaking ceremony was held in November 2016, and the construction of the Hall is expected to be completed in January of 2019, with a scale of five stories above and two stories below ground; the total floor area being 27,350.35m² (8,278 pyeong).



5. Korean Language Education Center
The Korean Language Center celebrated its 30th year in 2016. Numerous current international students, along with thirteen thousand previous students who have passed through the Center, have learned the culture of Korea and KU and are developing into global talents. The number of students attending the classes has consistently increased, and there has been the need to build a systematic education infrastructure in order to secure international competitiveness. Therefore, a new Korean Language Education Center is being constructed to meet such a need. The new Center will provide 45 lecture rooms and an optimized environment for specialized language courses, academic discussions, and group study. The groundbreaking ceremony was held last February, and the construction of the Hall is scheduled to be completed in February 2018, with a scale of three stories above and one story below ground; the total floor area being 5,244.28m² (1,587 pyeong).






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