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KU Produced the Highest Number of Applicants Who Passed the CPA ...
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  • Date : 2017-09-19

KU Produced the Highest Number of Applicants Who Passed the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Test, Two Years in a Row

Reconfirmed its Status as a Leader in CPA Training by Producing the Highest Accumulated Number of Successful Applicants in the Last Six Years






The Law Journal, which specializes in national examinations, reported in its latest article that Korea University students have been becoming more distinguished in CPA tests, and that the traditional composition of business school being the strong suit of Yonsei University and law school being the forte of Korea University is no longer valid.


According to the report of the Law Journal, 915 people passed the 52nd CPA in 2017, as announced on Thursday, August 24th. After analyzing the number of successful applicants from major universities, it was confirmed that Korea University has produced the highest number of people who successfully passed the exam, taking the top spot for two years in a row.


In the article, the Law Journal reported that although the total number of successful applicants from KU has decreased slightly compared to last year, from 118 (12.98%) to 97 (10.6%), KU achieved the first place for a second consecutive year, and maintained a large lead over Yonsei University in second. KU has also produced the highest accumulated number of successful applicants in the last six years (2012-2017), reconfirming the University’s status as ‘the strongest in CPA training.’


Such KU’s prominence in CPA exams is based on active school-level support. Korea University Business School operates what it calls, “Jeongjincho (精進礎)”, a CPA preparation team, to provide the utmost support to students studying for the CPA. Jung Jin Cho provides opportunities for students to meet with graduates working in accounting firms or to take accounting lessons, and both enrolled students and graduates of KU can participate. 

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