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Specialized Agencies

  • 1.KU Cheer Leaders

    Korea University Cheer Leaders started as an informal group along with the Go-Yeon-Jeon, and became fullly active when receiving official recognition as a campus organization in 1968. Within the campus the group creates unity among fellow peers, strengthens bonds between the different ages, and nurtures school pride within the hearts of KU students, at the same time, as a form of cheer, it continues to pass on and develop the tradition of a unique cheering culture along with Yonsei University, which is truly a one of a kind in the world.

    Auditorium 6-#107 Cheer Leaders Room

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  • 2.KU Life Library

    Unlike the main library, KU Life Library is made together with the lives of the organizers and users. The library is open to everybody regardless of whether you are a student, and the holdings can be viewed freely within the library or checked out. In addition to the basic library functions, programs such as relay lectures by part-time teachers and various small groups are also available.

    Student Union Building # 207    +82-2-921-0484

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  • 3.Human Rights Committee for Students with Disabilities

    The Human Rights Committee for Students with Disabilities helps support students with disabilities by providing class helpers and computer equipment, as well as improves awareness of disabilities by coordinating activities in which disabled students and non-disabled students perform together.

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  • 4.Student Welfare Committee

    The Student Welfare Committee was established in 1984 with the purpose of regaining student rights within everyday life. The main focus of the committee is to evaluate and improve the welfare status on campus, as well as finding and promoting solutions to problems. Projects in progress include organizing alternative markets, providing buses during the holidays, producing and selling KU diaries, and running welfare projects for health care and other causes.

    Student Union Building 3 Floor    +82-2-926-8757, 1565

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  • 5.Women's Committee

    The Women's Committee coordinates events and operates women's studies library <Cheonrihyang> in celebration of women’s day, and arranges feminism seminars during vacations.

    Student Union Building 315/316

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  • 6.KU Music Appreciation Center

    The KU Music Appreciation Center was established in 1978 with the purpose of creating accessibility regarding classical music for KU students who had no prior opportunities to interact with 'musical culture' due to the university not having an Academy of Music at the time. And in keeping with that spirit, the KU Music Appreciation Center has continuously put effort into expanding the base of classical music over the years.

    Central Square #120 KU Music Appreciation Center

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