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  • 1.KTN(Korea university Television Network)

    On campus TV broadcasting network that sends regular programs to the on campus cable TV channel (Ch4). Since 1997, the main activities of KTN has been producing regular programs, holding video festivals, and shooting various school events such as Ko-Yon-Jeon. The 500 m2 of TV studio and control room on the 4th floor of the Communication Building is equipped with HD broadcasting equipment to provide great high quality video.

    Media Hall B2 Floor B205, B206(Editing Room)

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  • 2.KUBS(Korea University Broadcasting Station)

    KUBS is an educational broadcasting station established in 1961. As the only general broadcasting station on campus, KUBS has been the voice for students and continues to lead public opinion within the school. The station produces regular news and cultural programs in audio format to transmit three times a day through speakers installed around the campus, and also creates high quality video broadcasts on a regular basis since 1998. In addition to the regular programs, the station annually broadcasts <Open Studio> for new students in February, <Suktap Broadcasting Festival> in May during the college festival period, and <Go-Yeon United Broadcasting Festival> with Yonsei Educational Broadcasting Station (YBS) in September, as well as providing <Live Go-Yeon-Jeon Coverage> for every event.

    Media Hall B2 Floor B207

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  • 3.KUTV

    Establish in 1989, KUTV is a student organized press institute. As the on campus authorities TV broadcasting station, its activities include planning and producing the “Saeteo broadcasting network” for new students, hosting the “video festival” during the campus festival period, “billboard broadcasting” and “field relaying” during Ko-Yon-Jeon games, producing “highlight” shows, and broadcasting the "student union elections" as well as the “ballot count”. Regular broadcasts can be viewed at places such as the student union building, science living center, and dormitory dining rooms.

    Media Hall B2 Floor B209

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