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고려대학교 총장 김동원 사진

Towards a Brighter Future for the Stronger Korea University
Transform KU : Together to the Future
Since its establishment in 1905, Korea University has stood tall as the nation’s finest private university amidst the ordeals of modern and contemporary Korean history, and is now taking great strides toward becoming a world-class university. Numerous talents from Korea University took the lead in restoring national sovereignty during the Japanese colonial era and played a leading role in the industrialization, democratization, informatization, and globalization of Korea in the decades following liberation.

KU’s noble founding philosophy of ‘‘national salvation through education” has been firmly passed down through the history of the university as a precious inheritance. The lessons of “liberty, justice, and truth” and the altruistic spirit of “public affairs first and private affairs later” forever resonate in the hearts of the KU community. Korea University, the nation’s university nurtured by the sincerity and efforts of the people, is developing into a world-class university.

We are now immersed in the age of knowledge popularization represented by artificial intelligence and SNS. Edu-Tech companies, equipped with innovative technologies, are emerging as new competitors of universities that traditionally created future discourse in their role as halls of knowledge but are now becoming less significant and accordingly losing ground. However, Korea University, which has grown by overcoming countless national and social crises, will inaugurate a new era of university revival by continuing to perform its original role and mission.

To this end, Korea University will unceasingly strive to fulfill its social responsibility through the vision of contributing to the future of the nation and mankind. We will create new knowledge through transparency and convergence, remove the major field- and department-centered system, and create a curriculum centered on problem-solving. We will establish a curriculum for each life cycle and build an educational platform using innovative technologies. By conducting research and advancing education that contributes to the resolution of national, regional and global problems that impede humanity, Korea University will become an institution that contributes to creating a better world.

The year 2025 marks the 120th anniversary of Korea University. Deeply reflecting on the history and tradition of Korea University over the past 120 years, we will take a new step toward a brighter and greater future for the next 120 years. The 120th anniversary will serve as an opportunity for Korea University to grow into a world-class university based on the accumulated strength and will of all KU members. Together with all of you, we will open a greater future for a stronger and reinvigorated Korea University.

Thank you.

President of Korea University, Kim Dong-one