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1. Early Graduation
Academic Regulations

Article 25, Academic Operations Regulations Article 58


Graduating Early (less than 8 semesters)


Students are eligible to graduate early if they submit applications for early graduation within a stipulated period of time

Students eligible for early graduation should have satisfied the following requirements

  1. 1
    Completed at least 17(18) credits in each semester (as for the exchange semester at a foreign school, approved credits should be at least 15).
  2. 2
    Completed 108 credits or more from the 5th through 6th semesters 1) 112 credits for the department requiring over 135 credits 2) 117 credits for the department requiring over 140 credits and achieved an overall GPA of at least 4.0 without a grade F including grades completed in summer/winter sessions.
  3. 3
    Students are NOT eligible to apply if

    - Affiliated with the Department of Architecture at the College of Engineering, College of Medicine, Department of Cyber Defense, and College of Pharmacy

    - Transfer students

    - Students with an academic warning on their record

Graduation Requirements
  1. 1
    Those who completed all requirements for graduation including requirements set by each school/college
  2. 2
    If early graduation applicant did not fulfill the graduation requirements set by each school/college, then the application is automatically cancelled and the applicant should register for 8 semesters or more in order to graduate.
  3. 3
    Early graduation applicant must achieve an overall GPA of at least 4.0 for the entire period of study
Application Period
For spring semester, applicants should apply at the beginning of March.
For fall semester, applicants should apply at the beginning of September
More detailed information on the application for early graduation is at KUPID-> go to Bulletin
2. Early Graduation: Special

Graduation from integrated undergraduate/graduate degree programs

Graduation requirements for the integrated undergraduate and graduate degree programs are as follows;

  1. 1
    Satisfying the graduation requirements for undergraduate program
  2. 2
    Achieving an overall GPA 4.0 or higher over the entire course of study
  3. 3
    Having registered for over 7 semesters
Application Procedure
Submit hardcopy of ‘Early graduation application’ together with a recommendation letter for Master’s degree to an affiliated department/division office.
Please contact your academic department or division office for any questions related to the early graduation