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Academic Regulations

Article 29 (Course Registration), Academic Operations Regulations Article 42 (Course Registration Period), Article 43 (Course Registration Method), Article 44 (Max Course Registration), Article 45 (Course Registration Correction & Cancellation), Article 46 (Course Registration Non-Implementation & Non-Obtained Credits), Article 73 (Academic Warning)

Application Period

February (first semester), late May (summer seasonal), August (second semester), early December (winter season)
※ Detailed schedule are on the portal academic calendar and course registration notice.

Application Procedure
  1. 1
    Course Registration System (http://sugang.korea.ac.kr) use you student number and password to connect to the portal.

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  2. 2
    Register the courses with the Korea University Portal System (https://portal.korea.ac.kr) by going to the ‘Academics/Courses’ menu or at the registration system ‘Find Courses’ schedule by created a list of courses (course number, placement, completion category) before your registration.

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  3. 3
    Students can use the interested lecture registration function of the course system to choose courses for a list in advance, and choose among the saved list during the application process.
  4. 4
    Course registration range is from above 1 credit and below 19 credits.(College of Medicine: less than 24 credits, College of Education: less than 20 credits, Cyber ​​Defense & medicine : less than 22 credits)
  5. 5
    For students with a total GPA higher than 3.75 without an ‘F’ grade, and students of who received over 17(18) credits without ‘F’ grade in the previous semester (only regular semesters), as well as Undergraduate and Graduate school connecting students can apply for 3 credits excess course registration.(excluding College of Medicine)
  6. 6
    For course registration as an exchange student, please refer to “Undergraduate Course Retroactive Substitution” menu in Course Registration System.

※ You cannot register for interested lecture during the course registration period, so check the interested lecture registration period to pre-register.
※ Details regarding course registration method is available at the attached file of the “Course Registration Program Instruction”.


※ Students during leave of absences can register. If the students want to return to school, they should register in advance.
※ Not be permitted to register more than one subject in the same school time
※ After tuition payment, even if the student does not register for courses, the student is considered as registered in the semester.

Inquiries regarding course registration (Anam Campus)
  • Inquiries on Major or Major-related Electives: Corresponding Department Office
  • Thoughts & Expressions, Core General Education, Elective General Education: Institute for General Education (+82-2-3290-1591)
  • Foreign Languages: Foreign Language Center
  • Teacher Education: Teaching Profession Team
  • Inquiries regarding Course Registration: Academic Administration Division (Humanities and Social Sciences: +82-2-3290-2733, Natural Sciences and Engineering: +82-2-3290-4563)
  • Course Registration System: Computer Development (+82-2-3290-4179)
Inquiries regarding course registration (Sejong Campus)
  • Academic Affairs Team (+82-44-860-1124)