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Health CenterPioneering intellectuals, innovating KU!

  • Anam CampusHumanities and Social Sciences Health Center Central Square B1 Floor #112 +82-2-3290-1571
  • Anam CampusSciences Health Center Hana Square B1 Floor #102 +82-2-3290-1572
  • Sejong CampusHealth Center Student Union Building #221 +82-41-860-1037~8

Korea University Health Center is in operation with the purpose
of providing medical treatments and disease prevention as well
as promoting health to students and faculty members for
a healthy college life.
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Student Welfare Department
Tel: 02-3290-1573 E-mail: kyungs@korea.ac.kr Fax: 02-925-2331 Registration : 2014-04-30