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Korea University’s Research & Business Foundation signs a techno...
  • 글쓴이 : Communications Team
  • 조회 : 666
  • 일 자 : 2017-11-23

Korea University’s Research & Business Foundation signs a technology transfer agreement with M2S for medical diagnosis and treatment using VR and service commercialization




▲ Wonseok Jeong, CEO of M2S, (fourth from the left) and Jesang Ko, President of the Research & Business Foundation, (fifth from the left) taking a group photo after the agreement ceremony.


On November 10th, the Research & Business Foundation at Korea University and M2S, a media solution provider, signed a technology agreement regarding VR-based medical diagnosis, treatment and service provision in the conference room of the College of Medicine. Researchers from the Korea University Medical Center were in attendance.


With the signing of the agreement, Korea University professors, including Young-Wook Yoon, Vice President for Medical Researcher & Academic Affairs, President for Medical Researcher and Business Foundation, and physiology professor in the College of Medicine; Byung-Jo Kim, Administrative Director for Medical Planning and Budget and neurology professor at the KU Anam Hospital; and Young-Woo Suh, Ophthalmology professor at the KU Ansan Hospital, will cooperate with M2S on various R&D projects for the commercialization of medical service provision and ophthalmic examination/treatment using virtual reality (VR).


In his greetings, Jesang Ko, President of the Research & Business Foundation, said “I appreciate the efforts made by professors who are busy with their work serving in key positions of the Korea University Medical Center, which has two of the best research-oriented hospitals in Korea, as well as staff members in developing technology that will drive change in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. I hope that M2S’s top-level technology will play a critical role in the success of our commercialization efforts, and that the agreement signed today will foster the mutual development of Korea University and M2S.”


The technology transfer agreed upon by the two organizations involves four technologies—two related to ophthalmology (projects to develop devices that will enable innovative ophthalmic examination and treatment), one related to medical service design (a large-scale project to design medical processes in general in a way to improve the quality of medical services based on new medical content and differentiated technology), and one related to anthrophobia treatment—each of which are newly developed and quite different from currently-known medical VR technologies.


Yong-Hwan Kim, Director of Media Technology at M2S, said, “The media industry is seeing a trend toward convergence between different genres and Korea’s media content production capability is already world-class. M2S’s various research projects converging with medical technology, as well as the technology transfer agreement signed today, will enable a more systematic and successful commercialization of medical services.”


M2S is a VR and media solution provider composed of media and medical experts with an aim to create a better medical service market. It is one of the most promising companies in the Pangyo Digital Complex. M2S has a strong partnership with a Chinese medical foundation with the largest number of beds in China and is well known as a company with world-class planning and production capabilities in the medical VR sector.


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