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Launching the KU Crimson Enterprise Project
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  • Date : 2017-09-15

Launching the KU Crimson Enterprise Project




Oh-sub Kwon (left), Chairman and CEO of L&P Cosmetic, and Jaeho Yeom (right), President of KU

▲ Oh-sub Kwon (left), Chairman and CEO of L&P Cosmetic, and Jaeho Yeom (right), President of KU


Korea University, a leading research-oriented university, is actively taking an initiative in industry-academia cooperation through the KU Crimson Enterprise Project.


Under the slogan, “The technology-driven company taking the lead with Korea University,” the KU Crimson Enterprise Project, a family business policy developed by KU, aims to provide top class industry-academia cooperation services and support to small and mid-sized corporations that have developed exceptional technologies.


On Monday, August 21, KU designated L&P Cosmetic as its first KU Crimson Enterprise and awarded the company a certificate along with a signboard and nameplate as a sign of a promising industry-academia partnership. L&P Cosmetic is a small but strong company well known for its popular Mediheal masks. In 2016, CEO Oh-sub Kwon, a graduate of the KU College of Science, donated a construction fund worth $12 billion to his alma mater.


KU plans to work jointly with many KU Crimson enterprises in order to carry out close industry-academia collaborative programs including, but not limited to promoting industry-academia projects for solving technological difficulties, jointly developing and transferring future technologies, and executing industry customized educational curricula.


Expecting to see cooperation and development of both institutions, KU President Yeom said, “Through this opportunity, KU will continue to pursue diverse industry-academia cooperation between KU and L&P Cosmetic and sustain a strong partnership in order to satisfy each other’s needs.”


KU plans to designate approximately 50 companies as KU Crimson Enterprises by the end of 2017 and plans to set up an industry-academia cooperation model in order to meet the demands of these corporations with optimal customization as a leading research-oriented university.

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