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“Major Queen” In Gee Chun signs a deed of covenant
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  • Date : 2017-01-03

“Major Queen” In Gee Chun signs a deed of covenant
The pro golf queen promises to donate KRW 100 million to KUSSO.
Together with the golfer, her fan club “The Flying Dumbos” will participate in volunteer work.







In Gee Chun, whose nickname in Korea is the “Major Queen,” made a social contribution by donating funds to the Korea University Social Service Organization (KUSSO).

She signed a deed of covenant that stipulates that she will donate KRW 100 million for social contribution projects administered by Korea University.

Chun, who has always been interested in the concept of social contribution, expressed her intention of the donation to the KUSSO. In response to her proposal, the organization prepared a social contribution program specially designed for her. Through the program, she will support a series of volunteer efforts and activities, which fulfill the ideal of noblesse oblige and social responsibility.


Korea University students will be recruited to participate in the program, which aims to reach out to anyone in need, including children, youth, the elderly, the disabled, multicultural families, and North Korean defectors.





Chun will be involved in the process of selecting participants for the social contribution program. In particular, she will have a voice in the final round of selection. Together with program participants, she will also join various social contribution activities.


Her donation fund will be included in the fund for social contribution projects administered by the KUSSO. Her fund will be mainly used for activity cost and scholarships granted to program participants. Furthermore, 8,000 members of her fan club, named “The Flying Dumbos,” will play roles in fund raising and plan to continue volunteer work down the road.


A signing ceremony was held on December 20 at Centennial Memorial Samsung Hall, Korea University, and was attended by In Gee Chun and those interested.


At the ceremony, the golfer expressed her high expectations for the program. “I am glad that my proposal – that I made after many days of deliberation – finally came to fruition today. By participating in social contribution activities, I want to continue my friendship with KU students even after graduation,” she said. 

In response to her comment, KU President Jaeho Yeom thanked for her heartwarming words and deeds. “In winter, people from the neglected class feel much colder than us who are somehow privileged. Korea University is known for leading changes in the history whenever a revolutionary turning point came to the nation. However, it should not be overlooked that the university has always felt a great sense of responsibility for the socially neglected and disadvantaged classes. I would like to deliver my sincere thanks to Ms. Chun for her warm-heartedness,” he said.

The program is expected to set an example of social contribution made by a true leader and of social responsibility fulfilled by a university.

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