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Instagrammable Spots at KU Libraries
  • Writer : KU TODAY
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  • Date : 2022-06-02

Instagrammable Spots at KU Libraries

Two months have passed since the beginning of the Spring Semester. Having returned to face-to-face lectures after 3 years, the campus is now full of energy. While the situation still remains unstable, as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases does not shrink quickly, the spring atmosphere has come to the campus with lovely cherry blossoms. Korea University’s Student Ambassador Group Yeoul has introduced both first- and second-year students, most of whom have not had chances to familiarize themselves with the beautiful campus, to Instagrammable photo spots on campus.
This article takes you on a tour of KU Libraries and their “hot spots”. Explore the playground of knowledge, book cafes and cultural spaces.


The Library with No Books
CCL CJ Creator Library

CJ Creator Library (CCL), located in the Central Plaza, is a library without a copy of a single book. Instead, it features a spacious floor Maru where students can even lie down to read and rest, size-adjustable study rooms, and content creation studios that encourage students to produce and share their knowledge through social media. All this is far from traditional libraries where students struggle with books and papers; it is rather a playground for learning.

The wooden deck with soft lighting makes your photos look both cozy and energetic. (From Left) Woo Jun-seo (’21, Department of Public Administration), Jeong Yi-lin (‘20, Department of Business Administration), Yang Ye-jin (‘20, Department of Chinese Language and Literature)

CCL looks more beautiful from outside than from within. Sit on a table beside the window and concentrate on your work, and someone might turn their eyes on you. Make sure you pretend not to be conscious of the camera!

Innovations Rising from the Space of Innovation
The Science Library

Established in September 1983, the Korea University Science Library, the invaluable symbol of ‘Science KU’, has been the center and hub of education and research for the Natural Science Campus. Being almost 40 years old, however, its facilities have become outdated and worn out. For the past 2 years, the office of Development & External Affairs have been running campaigns to raise funds for the recent renovation of the Science Library, and the renovation of both the exterior and interior of the library is now underway. The new library, designed based on the behavioral patterns of students, now features various types of spaces tailored for concentrated study, discussion and research-related services. The 1st and 2nd floors constitute spacious cafe-style open spaces featuring one-person carrels, and the 3rd and 4th floors feature the Integral Lounge for Graduate Students.

_ The futuristic Integral Lounge at the Central Lobby of the 4th Floor mimics a spaceship. Exhibiting student work, the Lounge reminds its users that the library is for future scientists and technologists.

_ Stand in front of the Hogwarts-style bookshelf. Make a pose - standing or sitting - to take pictures with your friends on one of these fine spring days.

_ This angle is reminiscent of those movie scenes featuring a man and a woman’s dramatic first encounter. They share a desk; but the divider provides an adequate distance. Try the seats and take photos from different angles.

_ ‘Infinite Wave of Science’. Take your photos as visualizations of energy and tranquility. This piece of art is located in the entrance of the Infinite Lounge on the 1st floor.

Smart Learning in the Woods
The Medical Library

Renovated in 2020 thanks to the donations of a large number of alumni, the Medical Library is a most beloved place. The light-colored wooden interior provides a sense of warmth and coziness, and the woody scent of the Lobby welcomes its visitors. The 1st floor features the open and spacious KU Medicine legacy lounge for discussion and gatherings and the 2nd floor is now a space to foster creativity, with a new studio, an AR/VR Room and Study Rooms. On the 3rd floor is a large library featuring the newest medical science materials, and on the 4th floor is a reading room and rest lounge.

Take photos with Hoeuirang, the lovely mascot of Korea University Medical Center.

The great, wide bookshelf, a high table and a green desk lamp - all of these make a fine photo spot. It is also a great place to read books and work with a laptop without distractions.

Books, people, a tree and computers make up a harmonious space. You will see this spot once you arrive on the 2nd floor of the Medical Library by elevator. The space resembles the offices of IT companies such as Google and Naver.

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