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Korea University issues guidelines on using ChatGPT, the first K...
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  • Date : 2023-04-06

Korea University issues guidelines on using ChatGPT, 

the first Korean university to do so

고려대학교 교정

On March 16 (Thursday), Korea University (KU) announced guidelines on how to use generative AI tools such as ChatGPT in general and classroom settings. The move is intended to encourage an active and participatory learning environment by effectively adapting to and leveraging the benefits of technology.


*Generative AI tools: ChatGPT, DALL-E, Stable Diffusion, and other artificial intelligence (AI) tools that can create new content using a machine learning technique

The guidelines highlight the importance of learners’ right to use generative AI tools. According to the guidelines, if there are technical means that can help learners save the time and effort required by traditional educational methods, such as accessing a vast amount of data, selecting appropriate materials, or creating sentences, images, and other contents, learners are encouraged to make full use of them. KU President Kim Dong-one stated, "ChatGPT cannot produce results beyond the user's ability." He emphasized, “We need to educate students to make good use of ChatGPT, rather than relying solely on it.”


In order to prevent potential side effects from the use of generative AI tools in academic settings, including plagiarism, academic misconduct, and cheating, the erosion of critical thinking due to a reliance on AI technology, and the acquisition of inaccurate and biased information, KU plans to provide educational programs on AI ethics for students and instruct them on collecting empirical data that cannot be replaced by AI, such as those obtained through interviews and surveys, and to encourage them to seek feedback from peers and instructors. In addition, since ChatGPT can sometimes produce inaccurate information, students will be encouraged to develop critical thinking skills by identifying errors in the information supplied by ChatGPT and comparing it with other sources of information obtained on their own.

The guidelines will be immediately distributed to professors and instructors, each of whom should make a final decision on whether or not to allow the use of AI tools in their classes. They should also specify the principles of using generative AI tools in their course syllabi and clearly communicate them to students.





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