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Korea University Library

The Korea University Library, which opened at Korea University’s launch in 1905, is one of the largest university libraries in Korea. It holds 3.8 million books, a million digital content materials, and 100,000 rare books. As a valuable repository of knowledge and information, the Library has six branches to provide specialized & customized services to support the research, education and learning of its members.

Its RFID System Network allows on-campus access to the library materials, and subject-specific Scholarly Information Curation Service (SICS) provides easy 24/7 access to a huge amount of information. Furthermore, users can read books and materials in pleasant surroundings and do creative and collaborative activities in its specially designed rooms.

Korea University aims to become a global top-50 university. To this end, the Library offer access to academic information in a world-class online and offline reading environment. As a key member of research-oriented universities leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Korea University Library will perform its duty.

※ More information about the Library’s facilities is available on the website.

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  • 중앙도서관(신관) 전경

    Main Library (New building)

    Opened in 1978 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Korea University, containing academic information on Humanities & Social Sciences. In 2010, designated as a Foreign Journal Support Center (Humanities).

    · Content
     About 1.3 million books on the humanities and social sciences

    · Facilities
     Reading room (227 seats), private reading room (24 seats), wheelchair-accessible lounge

  • 중앙도서관(대학원) 전경

    Graduate School Library (Old building)

    Opened in 1937 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Korea University, funded by national donations. Along with the main building is registered as one of Seoul’s historic landmarks (No. 286)

    · Content
     Approximately 5,200 precious books written in Chinese characters, including one national treasure (Yong Gam Su Keung), nine treasures (including The Heritage of the Three States) and approximately 3,000 precious Eastern and Western books, including modern cultural assets

    · Facilities
     Graduate School Reading Room (192 seats)

  • 학술정보관(CDL) 전경

    Centennial Digital Library (CDL)

    User-centered learning support & multimedia service area, located in the Centennial Memorial Samsung Hall

    · Content
     Multimedia materials (DVDs, audio recordings, etc.)

    · Facilities
     Reading room (1,369 seats), group study room (24 rooms), theater

  • 과학도서관 전경

    Science Library

    Established in 1983, located in the center of Science & Engineering college campus, containing academic information on engineering, natural science, and health science.

    · Content
     About 600,000 books on engineering, natural sciences, and health sciences

    · Facilities
     Reading room (1,059 seats), group study room (17 rooms), private reading room (14 seats)

  • 법학도서관 전경

    Haesong Law Library

    A special library containing academic information on law and providing the related research/learning support services

    · Content
     About 110,000 books on law

    · Facilities
     Reading room (238 seats)

  • 해연의학도서관 전경

    Haiyun Medical Library

    Established in 1938 as Kyongsong Women’s Medical College Library, the building was renovated to house the current electronic medical library system

    · Content
     About 130,000 books on medicine, health and nursing sciences.

    · Facilities
     Reading room (280 seats), group study room (7 rooms)

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