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One-Stop Service Info

One-Stop Service Center provides support services regarding the student’s life, such as issuing certificates, academic information, and counseling.

One-Stop Support Services

  1. 01
    Issuing certificates for students and faculty
    • Operating online certificates / certificate issuing window
    • Processing fax and mail documents

    Go to certificate application guideDirect link to online certificate application

  2. 02
    Issuing student ID card, international student ID card, & faculty ID card

    Academic administration > Direct link to info on certificates / student ID

  3. 03
    Operating a comment section for questions and improvements

    Direct link to Contact KU

  4. 04
    Managing graduate personal information

    Direct link to personal information correction Info

  5. 05
    Faculty recommended URP services : See details on knowledge management site
  6. 06
    Operating a lost & found center

    Go to lost & found center

  7. 07
    Connecting in-depth counseling : Connecting academic counseling regarding professional field expertise with the corresponding personnel departments
  8. 08
    Mobile phone charging service : One-stop Installed at One-stop service center (Humanities & Social Sciences, Science)
  9. 09
    Free fax transmission/reception services (domestic): Installed at One-stop service center (Humanities & Social Sciences, Science)

One-Stop Service Center Information by Campus

  • Humanities and Social Sciences Campus
    Central Square B1 Floor
    +82-2-3290-1141~5, F: +82-2-929-2380
  • Science Campus
    Hana Square B1 Floor
    +82-2-3290-4090~2 F.+82-2-929-0220
  • Sejong Campus
    Library (Research Information Service) 1 Floor
    044-860-1071~3 F.044-860-1079