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Korea University Centennial Font

The Korea University Centennial Font is a signature font embodied within Korea University’s global symbol, created in celebration of its 100th anniversary in 2005. The font, which was previously unnamed, has been re-developed and commercialized as the Korea University Centennial Font in 2019 to solidify the KU identity and allow easier utilization by members.

Design Features of Korea University’s 100th Anniversary Font The vertical and horizontal strokes in the Korea University Centennial Font are connected (at the stem and beam) by soft curves. Another unique feature of the font is that perfect circles in bold strokes comprise its characters.

Download Korea University Centennial Font

How to Install
TTF (Windows TrueType) and OTF (Windows/Mac Open Type) files can be manually installed.
Download and unzip the file. Right click and click “Install,”
or copy the extracted file to the Fonts folder in Windows.
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