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Korea University


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QS World University  Rankings 2023 74th


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Current Status

As of the spring semester of the 2023 academic year

Campus & Auxiliary Hospital

Korea University consists of the Seoul Campus (in Seoul, 946,177㎡), Sejong Campus (in Sejong Special Self-Governing City, 425,334㎡) and three auxiliary hospitals (Anam Hospital: Seongbuk-district in Seoul, 67,676㎡, Guro Hospital: Guro-district in Seoul, 40,465㎡, Ansan Hospital: Ansan-city in Gyeonggi Province, 47,846㎡).

Seoul Campus 946,177 m 2Ansan Hospital 47,846 m 2Guro Hospital 40,465 m 2Anam Hospital 67,676 m 2Sejong Campus 425,334 m 2

Korean & International Student Enrollment

The total number of students is 37,821, including 30,320 on the Seoul Campus (Undergraduate: 20,373, Graduate: 9,947) and 7,501 on the Sejong Campus (Undergraduate: 6,574, Graduate: 927). Among the Seoul Campus students, 1,708 (8.38%) are international students. The total number of international students in language, exchange and training programs stands at 1,650.

total 36,754

Korean & International Faculty Members

The total number of faculty members is 5,173, including 4,408 on the Seoul Campus (Full-time: 1,525, Part-time: 2,883) and 765 on the Sejong Campus (Full-time: 259, Part-time: 506). Of this number, 103 (5.77%) of the full-time faculty are international.

total 5,191

Student-to-Full-time Faculty Ratio (Based on Students Quotas)

The number stands at 20.37 students per faculty member on the Seoul Campus and 26.49. students on the Sejong Campus.

Student per Full-time
Faculty Ratio by Year
Seoul Campus

Student per Full-time
Faculty Ratio by Year
Sejong Campus


The number of employees on the Seoul and Sejong Campuses is 1,152 and 223, respectively.

Number of employees
Seoul Campus


Number of employees
Sejong Campus

Library Collection

Korea University's Seoul campus library collection consists of 3,257,036 books, 25,914 types of non-book materials, 165 packages in digital format, and 1,833 types of periodicals. The Sejong campus library collection consists of 469,483 books, 7,674 types of non-book materials, 21 packages in digital format and 198 types of periodicals


Books (books) 3,726,519
  • 1,934,027 domestic(books)
  • 1,792,492 foreign(books)

디지털 문서

Non-book materials(types) 33,588


Digital data format(packages) 186
  • 33 domestic(packages)
  • 153 foreign(packages)


Printable serial periodicals(types) 2,031
  • 822 domestic(types)
  • 1,209 foreign(types)

International Organization Membership Status

U21 (Universitas21)

Universitas21 is a network of world-leading research universities established in 1997 to promote research, information sharing, and collaboration among its 29 member universities from 19 countries including National University of Singapore, University of Nottingham, University of Zurich, and University of Sydney, among others. Korea University became the 17th member university in Korea in 2004 and hosted the U21 Symposium & Annual General Meeting in 2009, agreeing to jointly confer 14 universities' doctoral degrees. In 2017, it hosted the U21 Senior Leaders' Meeting and has been actively engaged in various activities.
APRU (Association of Pacific Rim Universities)

Established to promote collaboration in education and research among outstanding universities in the Asia-Pacific region and to foster economic, scientific, and diversified development, this international consortium consists of 60 member universities from 18 countries including UCLA, USC, UBC, Peking University, and Australian National University. Domestic universities such as Korea University, Seoul National University, Yonsei University, KAIST, POSTECH, and Pusan National University are active members.
iCUBE (International Consortium of Universities for the study of Biodiversity & the Environment)

A consortium formed by research-oriented universities from around the world for research and education on biodiversity, climate change, and the environment. Korea University held its workshop in February 2023.
APAIE (Asia-Pacific Association for International Education)

To enhance cooperation among higher education stakeholders in the Asia-Pacific region and promote qualitative improvement of international education programs, a consortium was established in December 2004 by universities from 13 countries including Korea, China, Japan, the United States (Hawaii), Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and India. Annual APAIE Conference and Exhibition is held in March.
VIU(Venice International University)

Venice International University (VIU) is a global consortium of 19 universities and institutional partners who all share an autonomous campus on the island of San Servolo, Venice Italy, providing an innovative platform transnational education, to build awareness across borders, encourage participation and promote international cooperation.
W100 Reputation Network (World 100 Reputation Network)

W100 comprising 46 member universities worldwide aimed at promoting the reputation network formation and partnership development of leading universities within the top 200 worldwide, focusing on promotion, marketing, communication, branding, etc. The W100 Annual Conference is held in October.
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