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2019-2 Applying for Interdisciplinary Major
  • Writer : Academic Administration Divison(Academic Administration Division(Humanities and Social Sciences))
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  • date : 2019-03-15

2019-2 Guidelines on Applying for Interdisciplinary Major


Under University Constitution and Regulations in Chapter 4, section3, Article 35 (Interdisciplinary Major) & Academic Operations Regulation Chapter6, Section2, Article 2 & Guideline for Interdisciplinary Major

The Interdisciplinary Major is an undergraduate degree program that combines or integrates 2 or more degree courses which may be established and managed upon satisfying the graduation requirements of 36~81 credits for the 1st major. Interdisciplinary Major is conferred with the bachelor’s degree of 2 majors from the list stated below.

  1. Application Process
      Applications are reviewed by the interdisciplinary major council and each department/school

      that applicants belong to. Applicants’ overall GPA (including F grade) is taken into       

  2. Eligibility
     1) Under the Constitution and Academic Regulations of Korea University, Article 35,
         applicants should have registered for more than three semesters(those whose first major
         have not been designated are ineligible) are eligible to apply for interdisciplinary major.
        ※ Students who are on leave of absence at the time of (or during the application period)
        will be disqualified even after being announced as successful applicants.
      2) Transfer students can apply after completing a minimum of one semester at Korea
      3) Students on leave of absence are not eligible to apply.
      4) Students who are already in the interdisciplinary major program are ineligible to apply.
          Also students who are pursuing a double major or engineering authentication certificate
          programare ineligible to apply unless students withdraw from the program 
          before April 5, 2019 (Fri).

  3. Application Period 
     1) Application Period: April 10, 2019 (Wed); 10:00 ~ April 12 (Fri); 17:00
     2) Application is only accepted online at KU Portal 
          Registration &Graduation  Interdisciplinary Courses
     3) Statement of Purpose: Why did you apply?/field of your interest (courses)/academic

  4. Notes
     1) The mandatory regulation of completing a second major is applied to students entering
         from 2004 onward. Student subject to this regulation must complete one of the
         followings; 1) intensive major course of first major 2)double major 3) interdisciplinary
         major 4)student-designed major. (Applicant who is transferred with a bachelor’s degree
         can choose not to complete a second major.
     2) Students who withdraw second major program before applying for the interdisciplinary
         major and fail to enter this program should take an intensive course of the first major.
     3) Intensive major course of 1st major assumes a similar form to the existing single major
     4) Among successful applicants, those only who retain the eligibility conditions during the
         application semester (ie. Registration, approval of pre-taken courses, designation of
         independent major courses, course-registration) will be accepted to pursue
         Interdisciplinary Major from the following semester. However, those who take a leave of 
         absence during the application semester will be allowed to apply for other second majors
         for once according to section ①, ② of Article 104 of the Korea University Academic
     5) Any application to “Bachelor of Financial Engineering” is limited to Seoul-Campus
     6) Graduate School of Legal Studies will offer the Interdisciplinary Major Courses related to
         the "Law".
     7) Students may not apply for a "Crytology" & "Study of Derivative Financial Engineering" due
         to the abolition of interdisciplinary major.
     8) Any questions related to the curriculum and graduation requirements should contact the
         relevant department or college.

  5. The announcement of Successful Applicants
     1) Date: May 3, 2019 (Fri); after 14:00
     2) Please go to KU Portal 
 Bulletin  Notice  Undergraduate Schedule

                                                             2019. 3. 15.
                                 Academic Administration Division Education Team

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