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Guidelines for Re-admission, Spring 2018
  • Writer : Academic Administration Divison(Academic Administration Division(Humanities and Social Sciences))
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  • date : 2017-11-08

Guidelines for Re-admission, Spring 2018

Under University Constitution and Regulations in Chapter 15,

Academic Operations Regulation Chapter 3


1.      Application Period: December 6th 10:00am ~ December 8th 16:00pm

(Interview is mandatory part of the application: Contact appropriate department or division for detailed interview schedule.)


2. Eligibility

Those who have been removed from the student register after having admitted to the university and enrolled for more than one semester are eligible for re-admission.

      Those who failed to return within the registration period after the rationale for absence is no longer valid.

      Those who failed to register for a semester by deadline.

      Those who face dismissal from the school through a disciplinary process

      Those who reached a certain number of academic warnings

      Those who are subject to removal from the student register for reasons hereunder or under other University regulations.

²  Those who are subject to permanent removal due to disciplinary measures are NOT eligible to apply for re-admission.


3. Declaring a change of major due to abolishment of major(s)

(Decision made by the Student Registration Management Committee)

      Application to department(s) that is already abolished is NOT accepted.

      Student who cannot apply for re-admission due to abolishment of major(s) can still apply by signing the form for ‘Declaring a Change of Major’.


4. Application Documents

      Application for Re-admission

      Letter of Pledge for Re-admission

      Statement of Purpose for ‘Re-admission’

      Original copy of Student Records

      Original Copy of Academic Tran

²  For 1~3 Forms are attached at the back.


5. Application should be submitted at each department office


6. Interview Period: December 12th ~ 13th, 2017


7. Date of Announcement: January 18th 2018 14:00pm


8. Course Registration for Successful applicants:

February 1st 10:00am ~ February 6th 10:00am, 2018


9. Deadline for Student Registration (tentative): February 22 nd ~ February 26 th 2018 by 16:00pm


10. Guidelines for Re-admission

      Re-admission shall be permitted when there is a vacancy within the student quota of the relevant division or department. Re-admission is permitted once.

      Those permitted to re-enter shall pay tuition fees (including re-admission fees) by the deadline and complete all procedures required for studying, such as course registration.

      Successful applicant who failed to complete all procedures results in cancelation of re-admission.

      Students readmitted to the university must abide by university academic regulations and letter of pledge.

      Re-admitted student cannot apply for a leave of absence for the 1st semester.

      Student who cannot apply for re-admission due to abolishment of major(s) can still apply by signing the form for ‘Declaring a Change of Major’.



                                      Academic Administration Division Education Team

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