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KU holds 2017 new year’s kick-off meeting
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  • Date : 2017-01-13

KU holds 2017 new year’s kick-off meeting






On Monday, January 2, at 10:30am, KU held its 2017 New Year’s Kick-Off Meeting in the auditorium of Inchon Memorial Hall.



With Lee Kisung (Vice President for Administration and Finance) presiding over the meeting, Kim Jae Ho (Chairman of the Korea University Foundation), Yeom Jaeho (President of Korea University) and members of the university faculty and staff attended the event.



Kim Jae Ho, said, “In the coming year I hope to see every member of the KU family continue to work together to build on the sense of pride we have in KU. To make this happen, leaders and those who look to them have to have faith in one another and continue to develop trust in one another.” He further said, “The KU president and others in senior positions must display solid leadership with clear objectives and vision so that faculty, administrative staff and students can respond with real enthusiasm." Kim also suggested that KU can remain united through extensive communication and trusting partnerships by saying, “When we share the core value of “National Salvation through Education” and stand together there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. It is only when we have faith in one another that we can realize KU’s vision for the future.” He further emphasized that it is the university's mission to contribute to problem-solving in society and to show the path toward a promising future through creative vision and substantial achievements.



Yeom Jaeho, President of Korea University said, “This year has been a disgraceful one in some ways, as we have discovered ugly and shameful actions and attitudes hidden behind remarkable progress in almost all fields, including politics, economics, society, culture, and education. We had a pessimistic year’s end, as people showed distrust towards their leaders’ irresponsibility and a lack of faith in national governance. And universities are no longer free from people’s deep distrust. Therefore, we must renew our resolution to progress our vision of the education of the future by consistently challenging ourselves in a rapidly changing civilization, and help to open a new chapter in the nation’s development in the 21st century.” He also emphasized that KU must fulfill its great social responsibility of pointing the way toward the future of education. 






Yeom continued, “Last year, we experienced many trials and tribulations in our efforts to pave the way toward the future of KU. University members’ loyalty and love for KU has become an invaluable asset and will remain a source of passion and energy in the development of KU. We will listen to the various voices of KU members in a sincere manner and extend the depth and breadth of our communication with them. We will strive to enable KU to become a community in which all members can take pride.” In addition, he said, “As KU president, I will continuously strive to make KU a university that is better prepared for an uncertain future, an institution that can overcome challenges through communication, and a positive force in which all members can take great pride.”



Yeom concluded his New Year’s remarks by saying, “Victor Hugo, a towering figure in French literature, said the future has many names. For the weak, it is unattainable; for the fainthearted, it is unknown; but for the valiant, it is opportunity. Let us come together and continue our efforts to construct and unveil the future that lies ahead of KU.”






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