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A university town to turn into a future-oriented town
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  • Date : 2016-09-28

A university town to turn into a future-oriented town
- The MoU signing ceremony for “KU Anam-dong Campus Town” was held.
- Korea University, Seoul Metropolitan Government, and Seongbuk District Government promised mutual cooperation.




▲ From left to right, Youngbae Kim (Chief of Seongbuk District Office), Wonsoon Park (Mayor of Seoul), and Jaeho Yeom (President of Korea University)

Korea University is poised to transform the neighborhood of its Anam Campus into a future-oriented district.


The university will take the initiative in creating a unique life zone, by establishing infrastructures for the convenience of both its students and local residents in terms of education, research, consumer life, business development, housing, cultural activities, and leisure activities.  

The university says it will create a happy campus town in cooperation with local residents. Its open campus will share the products of its education and research with the local community and support the community’s cultural and artistic activities, encouraging collaborative efforts between Korea University students and the local community.

Not long ago, Korea University opened “π-Ville”, where aspiring entrepreneurs can share and develop their business ideas and receive professional mentoring. The university will build on the opening of π-Ville, so as to expand its business startup supporting services on campus.

For the initiative to support the university town, Korea University, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and the Seongbuk District Office signed an MoU and announced the commencement of the project.


The MoU signing ceremony was held on September 21st in the Inchon Chamber of KU’s Main Building. Jaeho Yeom, president of Korea University, Wonsoon Park, mayor of Seoul, and Youngbae Kim, chief of the Seongbuk District Office attended the ceremony and promised their full cooperation for the creation of the “KU Anam Campus Town.”


The Seoul Metropolitan Government launched a similar initiative of its own called the “Youth City Creative Economy Campus Town Program,” a new model of urban regeneration in which a university campus plays a central role in revitalizing the local economy and supporting youth startups. The Seoul Metropolitan Government designated the “KU Anam Campus Town” as its first project in June this year.


Korea University and the city of Seoul is running the “Campus Town Support Center,” the control tower of the “KU Anam Campus Town” project. The center was established in July at the CJ Food Safety Hall on campus. Seiyong Kim, a professor of Korea University, was appointed the head of the center. Kim is responsible for directing the collaboration of Korea University, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and Seongbuk District Office.


Korea University and the Seoul Metropolitan Government will also hold a project presentation event for the local community on September 28th to gather residents’ input.


President Yeom of Korea University said, “The future-oriented campus town under development in Anam-dong will be a town where digital technologies and Internet of things (IoT) are connected, e-money is exchanged, and big data and artificial intelligence technologies are utilized.” Yeom added, “We’ll create a brand-new campus town for cultivating future entrepreneurs and artists and encouraging a pioneering spirit among our students.”

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