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Korea University hosts The 2016 Career Odyssey Festival
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  • Date : 2016-09-19

Korea University hosts The 2016 Career Odyssey Festival,
largest of all on-Campus Job Fairs in the Nation, 170+ companies participate






Korea University hosted 2016 Career Odyssey Festival in the Tiger Dome from Tuesday, September 6th through Thursday, September 8th.


The festival, attended by over 170 companies from both Korea and abroad, provided students with job consulting services as well as opportunities to have job interviews on the spot. In addition, students could also take photos for their resumes or have their personal statements proofread at several of the booths.

The largest of all on-campus job fairs in Korea, the festival invited major companies in Korea, such as the affiliates of Samsung, LG, Hyundai Motors, SK, GS, KT, CJ, LS, POSCO, Lotte, Hyosung, and Hanhwa, which offer consulting services for the prospective employees.

In addition, a number of foreign companies including Continental Automotive Systems, Mizuho Financial Group, Rakuten, and state-owned companies, including the National Defense and Science Institute, Korea Aerospace Industries, and Korea Railroad Corporation also had their own booths.








A special booth for T-Direct Interview Solution, a mobile application developed by the Career Development Center of Korea University, was also available for the participants. Students who have installed the application in their phones, which will begin service in September, were offered giveaways.

Booths for the Business Incubation Center of Korea University and for the Ministry of Employment and Labor, which will provide information regarding a new policy for the employment of youth perspective workers, also contributed to the festival.

Korea University arranged extra shuttle buses to the Tiger Dome for the students during the festival.

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