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KU Signs MOU with Blue Coat Systems, Inc.
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  • Date : 2015-11-03

KU Signs MOU with Blue Coat Systems, Inc.
The agreement commits the two parties to nurture professionals and share the most recent developments in the field of information security and collaborate in developing innovative security technologies.
Blue Coat will donate its Security Analytics Platform and security solutions to the university.





▲ (From left) Dong-hun Lee, Dean of the Graduate School of Information Security,

and Andrew Littleproud, Vice President of Asia Pacific Sales and Operations at Blue Coat





The Graduate School of Information Security at Korea University recently signed a memorandum of understanding with the Korean branch of Blue Coat, one of the leading companies in the web security industry. The agreement mainly stipulates that both parties will collaborate in fostering professionals in the information security field and that Blue Coat will donate its Security Analytics Platform and related solutions to the university.


The signing ceremony, held at the International Center for Converging Technology, Korea University, was attended by Dong-hun Lee, Dean of the Graduate School of Information Security, Andrew Littleproud, Vice-President of Asia Pacific Sales and Operations at Blue Coat, and Ki-tae Kim, head of Blue Coat’s Korean branch.


By signing the MOU, the two parties commit themselves to building a cooperative relationship across a broad spectrum, ranging from fostering experts and sharing the latest developments in information security to jointly developing innovative security technologies that address current web security issues such as advanced persistent threats (also known as ATPs). Together with the Korea Information Technology Research Institute, Blue Coat will operate a mentoring program that will closely network information security professionals with those seeking a career in the field. The company also developed a plan to collaborate with the institute in pursuing a research and development project, which will eventually assist in nurturing information security experts in Korea.


Furthermore, the agreement also stipulates that Blue Coat donate its Security Analytics Platform (SAP) to KU to support the university in enhancing its defense mechanisms against cyber-attacks.


Specifically, both parties agree to (1) run a training program for information security professionals, (2) exchange and share academic and technical knowledge in information security, (3) closely cooperate in conducting and promoting joint research programs, and (4) enhance Intranet security at KU.


More notable is the agreement to jointly run a training program at the Graduate School of Information Security that will transform student into experts in network forensics. Program participants will be provided the opportunity to learn network forensics solutions and best practices. The program is expected to raise the level of network traffic comprehension and enhance security monitoring capability, leading to a strengthening of countermeasures against web security breaches. 


In addition to the program for KU students, Blue Coat will provide a consulting service for university Intranet security administrators to enable them to effectively use network forensics tools and support them in managing the university’s Intranet system. As part of its consulting service, the web security company will conduct a security threat analysis of major network traffic at the university on a regular basis, using its network forensics tools and solutions. This threat analysis will allow the university to proactively prevent security breaches. After conducting traffic analysis, the company will share the results with KU to help the university optimize its web security environment.


Despite the growing demand for network forensics experts and technologies, both parties recognized that finding a systematic program for training web security experts has proven difficult. The joint training program for security professionals is expected to ultimately contribute to the further strengthening of web security expert capability in the country.


In terms of research and development initiatives, the agreement stipulates that Blue Coat will share its security analysis data with KU so that university program participants will have a better understanding of actual web security issues and witness the entire process of blocking and countering security breaches. Blue Coat will introduce participants to its Blue Coat Global Intelligence Network designed and run to share information on security breaches with its 15,000 clients and 75 million users worldwide. The network enables its users to spot unknown threats promptly and devise appropriate countermeasures.


Dean Lee addressed the participants: “Seizing our cooperative relationship with Blue Coat as an opportunity, we will accelerate our efforts to foster the next-generation of information security experts. To do so, we will soon run a special training program to produce career-ready professionals in the near future. I am looking forward to seeing our students have a rewarding opportunity to learn current trends in information security and state-of-the-art security solutions. I believe this will lead us to increase our competitiveness in the future,” said the dean. He also added that this academic-industrial cooperation will create a greater outcome than what mere academic research could do.


Kim, representing Blue Coat’s Korean branch, expressed his expectation of the agreement’s outcome. “There has been a growing demand for professionals who can ensure information protection and security as security threats have steadily increased. We have concluded that now is the time to hold hands with academia and nurture future talent. Training professionals requires a great deal of public attention and support. Blue Coat, one of the leading security solutions providers in the world, will provide systematic and professional support to KU, such as offering seminars conducted by security professionals in the field and introducing practical examples,” said Kim.


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