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IWC students cooked and tasted Korean food themselves
  • 글쓴이 : Communications Team
  • 조회 : 363
  • 일 자 : 2019-01-23

International students say, “We also get a year older after eating Tteokguk”

IWC students cooked and tasted Korean food themselves


Korea University’s International Winter Campus (IWC) program held an event at 10 am on Saturday, January 12, 2019 to give its students a chance to experience Korean food. In total, 120 IWC students participated in the event at the Soodo Cooking Institute in Jongno-gu, Seoul and learned about Korean food culture by making and tasting Tteokguk (sliced rice cake soup) and Bulgogi.


The students followed the instructor who demonstrated how to prepare Tteokguk and Bulgogi. Vegetarian students learned how to make Buchimgae (pan-fried vegetable pancakes) instead of Bulgogi. At first, the students seemed to be nervous about the unfamiliar cooking process. However, once they started cooking in their four-member groups, they actively participated in the process by cutting vegetables and meat. After the cooking was complete, the food was served so that everyone could share and get a better understanding of Korean food.




Low Yu Tian, a 25-year-old student from the National University of Singapore, and Suranthi Fernando, a 21-year-old student from the Singapore Institute of Management, who participated in the event, said, “We have eaten Korean food before, but it is the very first time to make it ourselves, which is exciting. What makes it even more fun is that we learned what eating Tteokguk on New Year’s Day means in Korea, growing a year older.” They continued, ”We thought we knew fairly well about Korean food since we have a great interest in Korean culture, but we actually hadn’t really learned about Tteokguk before today’s cooking lesson.” “Tteokguk is the most delicious Korean food we have ever tried,” they added.


After finishing the food, the students washed the dishes and cleaned up enthusiastically. KU’s IWC, which started on Thursday, December 27, 2018, will offer its students academic programs and cultural experience programs for a period of three weeks.

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