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Flash mob held by university students from all over the world
  • 글쓴이 : Communications Team
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  • 일 자 : 2019-07-16

Love for K-pop, “Dance Like Twice”

Flash mob held by university students from all over the world

International Summer Campus (ISC) provides a program to experience Korean culture



University students from around the world performed a large-scale flash mob.


Foreign students who participated in the International Summer Campus (ISC) held a large-scale flash mob event at the Korea University Central Plaza on July 5 (Friday).


At this event, about 200 foreign students who attended Korea University ISC presented choreography to the song “YES or YES” by K-pop idol group Twice.


They practiced between classes and other activities to get ready for this flash mob. Students were from various cultures around the world, but their passion for K-pop was the same. Their passion showed us the Korean Wave spreading throughout the world.


Chioma Cynthia Nkpuechina (University of Maryland) of Nigerian nationality said, "I learned K-pop for the first time in preparation for International Summer Campus (ISC) last month. I became fond of Korean culture, and it was exciting as it was my first experience."


Kathy Noemi Yanes-Perez (Nova Southeastern University) from the US said, "I have really enjoyed and liked K-pop. Learning choreography was harder than just watching it, but it was a great and memorable experience."



Korea University hosted the International Summer Campus (ISC), which was held for six weeks from June 25 (Tuesday).


KU International Summer Campus has been steadily growing for 16 years since it started in 2004 and has become a representative international short-term education program in Korea. This year, 1,800 students from 370 universities in 51 countries participated, which is an increase of 17 countries compared to last year.


Korea University ISC has invited scholars from domestic and overseas universities to provide the highest-quality lectures. Professors from leading overseas universities such as Johns Hopkins, King’s College London, and Cornell gave approximately 120 lectures on business management, economics, politics, law, humanities, society, science, engineering, arts, and Korean studies.


It also provides the “KU pre-college” program for prospective students from overseas colleges. Students have the advantage of being able to experience university life in the same way as college students.


In addition to lectures by world-class university professors, students have the opportunity to experience various aspects of Korean culture, including cooking Korean foods, practicing Taekwondo, dancing in a K-Pop flash mob, participating in the quiz contest “golden bell”, and watching soccer games. Opportunities for internships in large companies, public corporations, and government offices are also given. Furthermore, Korea University has a buddy program to help international students interact with KU students, learn global manners, and adapt quickly to their life in Korea, an unfamiliar environment to them.

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