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KU's Start-Up Program gives wings to young tiger's ideas
  • Writer : KU Research
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  • Date : 2018-05-08

KU Research Spring 2018
Raising Future Entrepreneurs:
KU's Start-Up Program gives wings to young tiger's ideas


Raising Future Entrepreneurs: KU's Start-Up Program gives wings to young tiger's ideas

As the future is unpredictable, the world expects innovative entrepreneurs
to make a difference and to generate hope for a brighter tomorrow.
Korea University (KU) adopted the slogan “Pioneering Intellectuals” three years ago and,
since then, has provided various types of support so that students on campus
with great potential and ambition can form creative start-ups.

Crimson Business Innovation Center and Career Exploration Job Shopper


KU established the Crimson Business Innovation Center to incubate student start-ups. Not only does it provide cutting-edge equipment and researchers but also runs the Start-up Campus CEO course for students. Team Jungle Gym, Ki-won Kwon, Department of Business Administration completed this course, developed an artificial intelligence (AI)-based career exploration application called “Job Shopper,” and launched a start-up.


Job Shopper compiled data on approximately 3,000 occupations for middle and high school students exploring potential careers; using the compiled data on students’ online “clicks,” it can provide suitable information that might interest them via AI analysis. Job Shopper won the First Prize in the KU Start-Up Convention, and the Minister of Education Award in the 2017 Industry-Academy Cooperation EXPO. This indicates a significant potential to succeed, and it will begin serving all middle schools and high schools in the country this year.




KUBS Startup Institute and SOVS: An App Ranked 1st in Apple’s App Store

촬영부탁 필수어플 SOVS


Jo-eun Park(Department of Food and Resource Economics) and Soo-young So(Department of Business Administration), used their prior experience in a tourist attraction as a springboard for their start-up. They believed that they could create amazing travel photos by portraying their preferred composition in silhouette when someone else was asked to take their photo. This led to the creation of the application “SOVS.” In only a month after being launched, this app was ranked 1st among paid apps in Apple’s App Store. Ms. So explained that the KUBS Startup Institute provided them with considerable help to establish their start-up.



The KUBS Startup Institute, which is located on the second floor of the Business School Main Hall, helps students to share the risks associated with a start-up and provides systematic mentoring so that the project bears fruit. SOVS won an award in the Start-Up Convention hosted by the KUBS Startup Institute and was able to acquire a place in the Institute in July last year. “We were given the office for free and could thus solve the rent problem, the biggest financial burden; with the advice we received in law, accounting, and business strategy, we were able to focus on developing an app,” they explained.




π-Ville & Dr. Intelli, an AI Chronic Disease Care System


The Korea Trade Promotion Corporation (KOTRA) forecasts that approximately 35% of hospitals will use AI in providing healthcare in two years’ time. As chronic disease care is becoming increasingly important, the importance of an AI algorithm that analyzes lifestyle habits is currently being emphasized. Medical Artificial Intelligence of Korea, a start-up established by Gwang-ryeol Park and Sung-won Kim(Department of Architectural and Civil Engineering), KU Research Spring 2018 identified this trend accurately and developed an AI Chronic Disease Care System called “Dr. Intelli.” 


When an individual’s data are input from a wearable device and application, the system uses machine learning and provides a health and diet care service tailored to the user. Dr. Intelli, which won prizes at various start-up competitions, will begin regular service after additional advice and testing by professionals and professors. Many teams in π-Ville are now engaged with “distractions” and coming up with new ideas.


- KU Research Spring 2018

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