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Unconventional Innovation of the Campus SK Future Hall, Part of...
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  • Date : 2017-06-10


Unconventional Innovation of the Campus

SK Future Hall, Part of the Future Campus Without Lecture Rooms



Korea University, leading the innovation of university education through its Three-Nos Policy, reorganization of the systems of scholarships and admissions, and the construction of π-Ville, an exclusive space for creativity, is now moving education into the future by having begun construction of the SK Future Hall on November 17, 2016.

The SK Future Hall will be a place not for didactic education but for creating and fostering new knowledge,
and the hall will embody the educational philosophy of KU, which states that
 “future talents should possess the ability to solve problems independently.” 



The second floor with lobby, café, and seminar rooms. 


The 3rd floor will be comprised of the Community Plaza, workshop rooms, and seminar rooms.


The view of the SK Future Hall from the front gate.

Platform for the production of innovative ideas and future knowledge 


The SK Future Hall now under construction is expected to bring about university education innovation. The hall is an education space without lecture rooms, a first for Korea, instead consisting of 111 seminar rooms and 111 individual study rooms, that is expected to create a culture in which students research and discuss on their own.

The flipped classroom, in which students listen to an online lecture and engage in discussions of it in small groups in the seminar rooms and a system of tutorials are expected to be successfully established. Moreover, students can engage in learning not just through discussions, but through their own efforts in the individual study rooms. 

Each individual study room is about 3.3㎡ (1 pyeong) and designed to be suitable for immersion into self-learning. In addition, places such as the Agora for communication and collaboration and the Living Lab, a creative playground, will be established for the first time in a university setting in Korea. These places are not for students to occupy for their individual use but to share and will be open 24 hours to contribute to the creation of new knowledge. 


A space for communication in which the humanities and social sciences, scientific technology, and art are interconnected

The positioning of the SK Future Hall embraces the Auditorium, which is a historic space that has raised the intellects of the people, and forms a bilateral symmetry with the Centennial Memorial Hall from the Main Hall. It is intended to symbolize a triangular structure that reflects the national spirit and the future vision of Korea University.  

The motif of the SK Future Hall came from the plaza of ancient Greece, the Agora, and the hall is intended to revive the role of the Agora, the center of the athletic, artistic, spiritual, and political life of Athens. The Community Plaza is designed to accommodate more than 700 people under its glass ceiling and will present various communication spaces by being connected to the existing Auditorium. While the ancient Greek plaza was where the wisdom of humanity gathered, the new plaza of Korea University, the SK Future Hall, will be a place that integrates diverse knowledge and leads the creative future, becoming a new Agora in this era of learning. Furthermore, the hall will complete the master plan of the central axis of the KU campus and will utilize energy-efficient and environmental-friendly products such as cutting edge ICT technologies, an advanced building energy management system, a geothermal system, and LED lighting. 

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