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Going beyond the campus walls to embrace the world
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  • Date : 2020-02-21

Together KU
Going beyond the campus walls to embrace the world
KU and Seongbuk-gu jointly hold the “Embrace Anam” fair


KU and Seongbuk-gu together with Seoul City have embraced the aspirations of young adults and supported their passions through KU’s Anam-dong campus town project “Embracing Youth Startups and Employment”. One component of this initiative is the “Embrace Anam” project, which allows local residents, businesspeople and students to socialize and network with each other in order to revitalize the local community by identifying opportunities for startups and growing employment. The event took place on Tuesday, September 28 between 2pm and 6pm in the car-free streets of the district near Anam Station, at Anam junction, and on Chamsali-gil. With five thematic components including startups, employment, art, traditional games, and miscellaneous stalls, various programs were run for men and women of all ages.

Various Elements Add Flavor to the KU Campus Town Project

In the section dedicated to startups, teams from KU and other universities in the northeastern region of Seoul introduced their startup ideas through experiential exhibitions, while also selling merchandise. In addition, some companies did on-site recruitment of skilled job applicants, which was a great opportunity for college students who are interested in learning more about the recruiting process. Participants were able to learn about various startup companies including Lifestyle Lab, which offers customers a convenient one-step process for accessing store information, ordering products or services, and making payments; Iiko, an online tutoring platform for international school students; and POPL, a smart fine dust notification device. For aspiring entrepreneurs it was an invaluable experience in terms of the useful and helpful information provided.

The second thematic section dedicated to employment was comprised of a variety of elements. There were public interviews with startup representatives and HR managers alongside the promotional booths of large and medium-sized companies. Moreover, startup consulting services were available and information related to the use of suitable photographs in resumes, in addition to opportunities to meet corporate personnel managers in person, all of which was more than enough to attract the attention of student job hunters.

In the arts section, there were art exhibitions and cultural performances, and a flea market organized by Anam residents and young adults. Residents and college students in Seongbuk-gu together organized various performances and traditional games, both international and Korean. The event even included programs for children which helped them to learn about historical figures from the region. Food stalls and resident-oriented events held for charitable purposes were also to be found at the fair.

A Local Festival Imbued with Youthful Ambitions

Seongbuk-gu is home to eight universities. However, due to lack of opportunities to communicate and work with local residents, there has been a brain drain from the district, as many students have left upon graduation. To prevent this situation from persisting, Seoul City launched its first campus town project so that young people, who are integral members of the community, could continue to challenge themselves while staying in the area and sharing the fruits of their accomplishments, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of the city.

A young entrepreneur who took part in the 2019 Embrace Anam Fair said, “I previously had little or no interest in life beyond the campus walls. However, the support and the opportunities that I received through the campus town project led me to think more about sharing my talents with Seongbuk-gu.” Local residents at the fair also displayed a positive attitude toward the project. A resident who has been living in Anam-dong for 35 years said, “Many students have left the area after graduation, so it has been difficult for them to have a sense of ownership and affection for the community. However, thanks to the campus town project I am glad to see that more and more students are showing an interest in being part of the community and thinking about their own roles in the development of the district.”

“Embrace Anam” will continue to develop plans for local festivals in collaboration with the district and its universities, and to offer valuable employment information to young people in order to move forward with the creation of a vibrant and sustainable campus town.


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