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Media Creators Bunker is always ON AIR!
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  • Date : 2019-05-22

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An Incubator for Content Creators
Media Creators Bunker is always ON AIR!




What do you do first when you need information? You may think of various search engines, such as Naver, Daum, Google, and Nate. These portals offer mainly text-based information through online cafes, blogs, and encyclopedia. But times are changing. People in their teens and twenties, so-called Generation Z, prefer video to text. This is why YouTube has become one of the most popular search engines today.

According to the recently released ‘2019 Netizen Profile Research (NPR) Report,’ South Korean teenagers spend an average of 123.5 minutes a day watching video content on mobile devices, more than twice as long as people in their 40s. And around 60% of teen internet users responded that they use YouTube as a search engine. And YouTube was the most popular video content platform used by a whopping 89.4% of the respondents. Today’s online communication is increasingly dependent on video rather than text, and YouTube is the at the center of communication through video content.

The Media Creators Bunker—an incubator for media talent

Korea University’s campus broadcasting stations have been offering quality content to meet the needs of the mobile video age. On March 28, the Media Creators Bunker, a facility boasting state-of-the-art video production equipment was opened in the basement of the Media Hall building. The Media Creators Bunker is used by campus broadcasting stations (KTN, KUBS, KUTV, and TEDxKU), which moved to the Media Hall in December 2018 with the demolition of the Communication Building, the Education Media Center, the School of Media and Communication, and other media personnel on campus.

In his speech during the opening ceremony, KU president Chung Jin-Taek said that he often enjoys watching Vlogs (video blog). “People acquire information through video, transfer knowledge through video, and communicate with others through video. No one will deny that the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is the age of video… The future of visual media is uncertain, but what is certain is that creative visual content will matter the most… The Media Creators Bunker was made to offer our students a place where they can share their creative content ideas with one another without restrictions and pursue their career dreams,” said President Chung, encouraging KU students to become creative leaders of the visual industry in Korea and the world.

State-of-the-art broadcasting facilities open to KU students

The SBS Studio, a high ceiling space equipped with video broadcasting equipment, is the central part of the Media Creators Bunker.

In the studio, students can create various visual content, such as personal media content and news content, and learn content production using movie set and special effect shooting equipment in virtual studios. There is also a studio and studio control room designed and constructed by MBC, boasting the most advanced broadcasting system in Korea. In addition to video recording studios, the Media Creators Bunker also have professional sound studios where students can record and edit sound files, comfortable video editing rooms, and spaces for KUBS (Korea University Broadcasting Station) and KTN (Korea University Television Network), and other campus broadcasting stations.

▲A virtual studio equipped with the systems of terrestrial broadcasting stations in Korea

▲Professional sound students with sound recording and editing equipment

The Education Media Center—the center of video education and production

The School of Media and Communication and the Education Media Center have played a pivotal role in video education and production on campus. With the opening of the Media Creators Bunker in the basement of the Media Hall building, the School of Media and Communication and the Education Media Center, which used to be located in different buildings, now can better cooperate with each other for video education and production.

The Education Media Center, founded in 1995 in the Communication Building, manages KTN and KUBS, maintains broadcasting equipment on campus, and offers video production education. Chang Hwi-Jin, the General Manager of the Educational Media Support Department, said, “More than 900 video content items are created each year in the Education Media Center. Harvard creates about 270 items and Stanford creates about 200 items a year. Korea University is the one of the best mobile content creators in the world in terms of both quantity and quality.” Moreover, the YouTube channels of the Education Media Center, KUBS, and KTN have over 90,000 subscribers in total. The number of views of these channels is well over 9 million. Moreover, recognizing the importance of video content, Korea University created a space for KU students’ personal media content creation at the CJ Creator Library (CCL), a future-oriented library built in the Central Plaza two years ago.

High-quality content acts like a living creature, expanding and spreading on its own. Content made by KU students containing the ideas of KU students is expanding around the world and communicating with the global community.


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