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Donations for a global talent training program: KU Global Leader...
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  • Date : 2019-02-20

Donations for a global talent training program: KU Global Leadership Program - Alumni make generous contributions to nurture global talents with the skills and capabilities needed today



The KU Global Leadership Program is Korea University's unique international program. It offers KU students scholarships so that financial difficulties do not stand in their path to becoming global leaders with passion and pioneering spirit.

▲Jung-ho Kim, CEO of Bear Better

The program was initiated by the dreams of KU alumni. It began when the “KU-China Global Leadership Program Fund” was initiated in 2013 by a group of alumni who agreed on the importance of global experiences as a way of helping KU students to advance. As an advocate of the program, Kim Jung-ho (’85, Commerce and Trade), the CEO of Bear Better, who had already donated KRW 100 million to KU back in 2005 under the “Kim Yong-jin∙Yu Gi-gak Scholarship” for KU exchange students, donated an additional KRW 130 million to support the program. He said, "I would like KU students to really study hard to learn languages while in college as it is not that easy to do so after graduation. I believe students need to know China better if they want to become world leaders in ten or twenty years. So when receiving the request, I donated without hesitation." Many alumni contributed to this program, too. Among them is Shin Gyeong-rok (’53, Commercial Science), the CEO of Shinseng Industrial Co., Ltd., who made a donation of KRW 100 million. He proudly said, "It is urgent to foster a workforce with a deeper understanding of China, and I’m glad that the donated money has been spent meaningfully and fruitfully for this purpose."

Alumni cover dormitory and tuition fees for participating students

Aiming to train professionals with broad knowledge encompassing China’s history and culture, not to mention its language, the KU-China Global Leadership Program offers short-term intensive language and culture education courses during school breaks.

The program is designed for undergraduate students with beginner-level Chinese or with little-to-no experience in China. Once selected, the participating students study Chinese for six hours a day over four weeks in Korea and another four weeks in Shanghai, China and enjoy opportunities to savor local culture as well as visit businesses in the country. The funds raised by the alumni are used to pay for registration, tuition and dormitory, and the KU GLP provides support, especially for students who cannot afford overseas training programs due to financial difficulties. Korea University is using the Beijing Center at the Renmin University of China campus in Beijing as an outpost for training Chinese experts. Sitting on an area of 701 m² (around 212 pyeong), the Beijing Center provides lectures on diverse issues, international exchange services, and other activities to promote KU to Chinese students.

▲East China Normal University in Shanghai 

The Global Leadership Program goes global

Korea University is now expanding the KU-China Global Leadership Program to include other regions and countries such as Latin America and Japan, including the KU-Latin America Global Leadership Program, which offers experiences in Costa Rica or Mexico, and the KU-Japan Global Leadership Program, which is held at Doshisha University in Japan. From its 2013 beginnings at the Renmin University of China in Beijing and the Harbin Institute of Technology, the KU-China Global Leadership Program currently sends participants to the East China Normal University in Shanghai over the summer break and to intensive courses at the Harbin Institute of Technology during the winter break. To date, over 730 KU students have participated in the Global Leadership Programs for China, Latin America, and Japan.


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