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KU Joins Venice International University Consortium
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  • Date : 2018-03-30

Korea University in Venice!
KU Joins Venice International University Consortium


Within view of the famed St Mark’s Basilica across the Venetian Lagoon, is the remarkable island of San Servolo. Once the monastic home to a group of Benedictine monks and nuns for over 500 years, and later used as a military hospital and mental sanatorium, the island is now the home of Venice International University (VIU).



In response to the growing popularity of study abroad opportunities in Europe, Korea University has recently joined the VIU in February 2018, to provide excellent opportunities for professors and students to teach, study and live in the unique environment that is Venice; a place with a truly remarkable cultural heritage in an ecologically fragile environment.

As part of the VIU consortium, KU students will benefit from academic programs for undergraduate and graduate students, research programs and projects, and topic-specific training programs. Taking advantage of its international membership from 19 institutions in 12 different countries, each program is intentionally developed across disciplines, languages, and cultures, making interdisciplinary studies a hallmark of the VIU experience.

VIU also works with industry, academia and government partners to provide internship opportunities, summer school programs, workshops and seminars for students. By pooling member resources VIU facilitates the exchange of knowledge, expertise and talent necessary to address key global challenges, while assisting students to foster the skill-sets needed to work across disciplines, to react with nimbleness and flexibility and to gain a broad intellectual vision.


"KU is excited to be the first Korean university to join the VIU consortium to provide our students with an exciting opportunity to live, study and learn in the exceptional environment that is Venice." - Prof. Jaeho Yeom, President, Korea University
Each member university submits an annual subscription fee which contributes to the operating costs of VIU and to the travel and housing allowance paid to visiting professors. In addition, each university may send up to 20 students per semester to study, along with two professors per year to teach. Professors may also participate in the Summer School and Graduate Seminars at VIU, as well as host students from member universities for research internships. Member universities are also able to share the Venice experience with their alumni, friends and donors by utilizing VIU resources for their own special events and activities.



- [Spring 2018 Vol 16 KU The Future Newsletter], published by Office of International Affairs at Korea University

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