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Wireless internet service takes quantum leap at Korea University
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  • Date : 2018-03-23

Wireless Internet Service Takes Quantum Leap at Korea University


Wireless Internet Service Takes Quantum Leap at Korea University

The university has opened a new chapter in its wireless LAN services,
allowing students to enjoy the maximum speed of wireless internet in all buildings on campus.

With the February 2018 completion of our wireless internet advancement project, Korea University now provides an optimal environment for students to fully enjoy online communication services on campus. The project aimed to expand the range of communication services by building a solid wireless internet infrastructure. The projects led to dramatic improvements in internet service quality and speed. Korea University’s level of online communication service is now top-ranking among internet services provided by other educational institutions in Korea


Wireless LAN Service Available in All Buildings on Campus

wireless LAN Service available in all building on campus

Wireless LAN Service Available at 6 Major Plazas
Wireless LAN service available at 6 major plazas
With these developments it is now possible to use the wireless LAN service in any building on Korea University’s Seoul campus, including lecture rooms, research labs, and faculty offices. Whereas before wireless LAN service covered only 54% of the campus, the university has increased the coverage to the full 100%, allowing students and faculty members limitless wireless internet inside any on-campus building. In addition, the wireless LAN service has extended to six major plazas on campus such as Central Plaza and Hana Square.



Fastest Internet Service Provided among Educational Institutions in Korea

Fastest Internet Service Provided among Educational Institutions in Korea

The wireless internet service advancement project has taken KU’s wireless communication service to the top of its class among educational institutions in Korea. On the Seoul campus, the internet speed has increased by 200% through an 8G LTE service network, upgraded from the previous 4G network. The university is committed to continuously upgrading its internet network and increasing the speed of internet service.

International Roaming Service, eduroam, Now Available Everywhere on Campus

Eduroam is a worldwide roaming access service provided to students and faculty members of member institutions, including colleges, universities and research institutes. Students and faculty members from any member institution who wish to use the wireless LAN service at Korea University can access the service with no additional registration process, simply by inputting their IDs and passwords registered at their own institution. The only condition is that their institution be a member of the eduroam service. As Korea University has recently joined this membership, students and faculty from other universities in the world are now able to access the eduroam service anywhere at Korea University. Those who want to use the on-campus wireless internet service are advised to read the manuals for setting up their laptops and/or mobile phones to the wireless LAN service. The manuals are available online at the university portal (KUPID-Info Depot) and its main homepage (Campus Life). In addition, as the scope of the university’s wireless internet service has expanded, those who have been using internet routers at their discretion in research labs and offices are advised to discontinue use. The wireless internet service provided by the university utilizes frequency ranges of 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. Any overlapping in channels may cause an undesirable deterioration in service quality. For more information, please contact the KU Office of Information Technology & Service at +82-2-3290-4194 and +82-2-3290-4201~3.


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