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Setting exemplary global standards
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  • Date : 2018-09-11

KU The Future
Setting exemplary global standards


The experience of different worlds and cultures broadens one's perspective and changes one's thinking. Innovation begins when you destroy or supplement your existing frame of experience and understanding. Korea University's unparalleled, unique global programs have helped students to cultivate their global awareness and cosmopolitan instincts. These programs include the Global Challenge Program, the KU Exploring the World Program, and the KU Pride Club Global Hope Exchange Student Program, which were designed to provide opportunities for students to challenge the intellectual status quo and to explore uncharted paths at home and abroad. “Offering life-transforming experiences” is the ultimate goal that Korea University drives toward in its go-global initiatives.

VIU, uniting Europe and East Asia with one diploma

While most Korean universities have mainly focused on North America and Western Europe in terms of their exchange activities, Korea University has implemented exchange and visiting programs with world-class universities and research institutes in Northern Europe, Benelux and Latin America. In 2016, the school jointly founded the East Asia-Nordic/Benelux University Consortium (ENUC), in partnership with research-focused universities in Korea, China and Japan, as well as leading universities from small countries with strong educational and research capabilities in Northern and Central Europe. Thanks to ENUC, Korea University has strengthened its academic ties with universities and research institutes in regions other than the US and Western Europe.

Last year, Korea University hosted the conference of the Universitas 21 (U21), a network of 25 research-driven universities from 17 countries. It also organized the 16th Korea-Japan Millennium Forum and the 2nd ENUC Conference, thereby expanding strategic cooperative relations with leading universities in several regions across the world. This year, KU became a member institution of Venice International University (VIU), the first educational institution in Korea to do so.

Korea University will send 40 students each year to VIU, which is located in Venice, Italy, beginning in the second semester of this year. Co-founded by seven universities and research institutes in 1995, VIU is a global consortium of 19 renowned universities, including Korea University, Duke University in the US, the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, Tsinghua University in China, and Waseda University in Japan. VIU offers interdisciplinary programs which revolve around historical, cultural and political issues and themes. Moreover, its various extra-curricular programs such as Venetian cultural activities, field trips to heritage sites and courses related to global issues are expected to help students sharpen their cosmopolitan instincts. Korea University also plans to provide basic Italian language courses to participating students in order to support their rapid adaptation to college life in Italy, and one of them will receive the KU Pride Club scholarship.

Each year, 1,100 KU exchange students studying at prestigious universities across the world

Korea University has substantially expanded its student exchange, visiting student and short-term, intensive global programs. Under the Student Exchange Program, students can study at renowned overseas universities that have signed an agreement with Korea University, while paying tuition only to Korea University. To further this program, as of 2018 Korea University has joined together with 1,009 universities and institutes in 96 countries. The school selects over 1,100 exchange students each year to study in America, Europe and Asia. The university also established the KU-Global Hope Student Exchange Scholarship Program in the fall semester of 2016, which enables qualified students without adequate financial resources of their own to join student exchange programs.


Regional experts who explore uncharted territory based on their language proficiency

The Global Leadership Program of Korea University is designed to cultivate experts in regional studies and languages. Since its inception in the form of KU-China in 2013, the program has expanded to incorporate KU-Latin America in 2016 and KU-Japan in 2017. KU-China programs are summer/winter programs while KU-Latin America and KU-Japan conduct winter programs.

One of the essential qualifications of a regional expert is proficiency in the local language. Therefore, the main focus of the Global Leadership Program is its language course. The program consists of a 4-week session in Korea and then a 3-4 week integrated session in the region concerned. While the language course is the priority across the sessions, opportunities to experience the local culture and visit local businesses are also included. Credits earned from the program can be transferred to summer and winter school accounts.

Photos of KU-Latin America and KU-China Global Leadership Programs

KU Exploring the World, a student self-directed program

The KU Exploring the World Program is a student self-directed, theme-based exploration program. It selects a region of geographical, historical, economic or cultural importance. Program participants are asked to discuss and select a subtopic for research in order to carry out a team project on the region.

The program first started in Vladivostok, Russia in 2016. During a week-long stay in the city, 12 participants studied the evolution of the anti-Japanese movement which was generated by Koreans in the region, and the history of Balhae, the ancient Manchu kingdom on the Korean peninsula, and visited Russian historic sites.

Last year, students went to Shenzhen in China. The city is the nation's first special economic zone and its center of creative innovation. During their seven-day visit to the city, 16 students had a chance to explore the future of Korea and China. They visited representative Chinese businesses headquartered in Shenzhen, thus experiencing the region's start-up culture both directly and indirectly. All the costs of the KU Exploring the World Program, including flights, accommodation, and activity fees, were borne by the school.

Through these global programs, Korea University aims to cultivate pioneering intellectuals who take the initiative with autonomy and responsibility in discovering and comprehending complicated issues, not those who solely seek opportunities to earn credits and build their resumes. The core of the KU global programs rests in the life-transforming experiences and opportunities it offers.


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