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We continue to be scatterbrains! - First year milestone of KU π-...
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  • Date : 2018-01-31

We continue to be scatterbrains! - First year milestone of KU π-Ville

It has been one year since the completion of KU π-Ville. The message π-Ville conveys, not only through its unique architectural style made of shipping containers but also by its space, is one of innovation.
In the beginning, students were not sure what π-Ville was for—whether it was a space for start-ups or a space for
students’ well-being. Today, π-Ville, KU’s new landmark, is recognized as a new space for creativity
where students can do whatever they want. It is a space that gathers, scatters, flows, and changes like water.
This is a report of π-Ville’s development, following the activities of the first KU π-Ville Student Committee over the past year.

The KU π-Ville Student Committee has administered events under the theme of “Scatterbraining” over the past year. The events were designed to encourage students to move away from standard job preparation and resume padding and dive into an exhaustive trial and error period of doing what they like the most and want to do the most. The committee aimed to let many students know that such attempts are not wrong, but things that anybody can try and have a positive influence.
Among these events, π-Ville Day consisted of lectures by scatterbrains, fairs (with teams sharing their experiences in π-Ville), flea markets, eco-bag decoration, and exhibitions. In particular, the exhibition, under the theme of “being scatterbrained anytime, anywhere,” displayed various works by students in π-Ville with their stories. The π-Ville Question Mark Conference was arranged for students to discuss topics of their interest. The first topic was “housing issues in Anam,” and students shared their ideas and engaged in discussions for each topic.

Possibilities found through sharing and opening up


The first semester focused on encouraging students to be scatterbrained when designing events while the second semester was more focused on things that could involve more people under the theme of “Sustainable Scatterbraining.” Students shared films they shot and songs they practiced alone with others at Around the Corner Cinema and π-Ville Live. Things they enjoyed as personal hobbies were reborn as gifts for someone through Gugu Market. When they realized that the things they enjoyed alone gave pleasure to others, this became the driving force for them to continue to be scatterbrains. The committee gathered scatterbrains to deliver lectures and share discussions and recorded all their activities.
Lee Min-hwan (Food Engineering ‘09), who was in charge of planning and design in the Committee’s Fun Team, said that exploring π-Ville’s identity together was the most rewarding part as a member of the first committee.
"I believe that our events with the concept of scatterbraining gave students opportunities to share things together and understand each other. These were moments for them to realize that “I’m not the only one doing these things.” I think such experiences are important as they gain something and develop.”
Why is scatterbraining important? "Our daily lives are falling apart in our society. College students are no exception. Reality is so frustrating with lots of hardships from job seeking and other issues. Under these circumstances, a little happiness or a sense of small accomplishment, I believe, works as the driving force for you to keep going.”
Lowering barriers and enhancing accessibility was another area the committee put as much emphasis on as they did for designing the concept of π-Ville. π-Ville Live gave every applicant opportunities to sing or to hold premieres for films personally produced. Thanks to the heated response from students, tickets for three π-Ville Live sessions sold out on the first days of selling.
“When you think of Korea University, culture must be the last thing you think of. If you take a look at π-Ville, you know that’s not the case any longer,” said Lee Min-hwan.


Lee had some regrets about the activities of the outgoing committee. “Under the incoming second committee, I hope that juniors and seniors will enjoy themselves more. In fact, they go through more exhausting periods than younger students. I want to see more of them come and get fresh energy from this space. I also want to see more science and engineering students. Their participation is low due to the distance issue," said Lee.
Many of the committee members have developed confidence in their future career path or discovered new talents while planning and executing the events over the year. Lee Min-hwan was one of them. His major is food and nutrition, but he has developed more interest in PR, planning and marketing.
He has found a pathway towards a sustainable future thanks to regular scatterbraining.




Time in π-Ville, shedding seriousness and finding possibilities

Gugu Market
A flea market for accessories, children’s toys, souvenir magnets, homemade snacks, experience booths, and other scatterbraining activities

Glimpse into π-Ville
π-Ville 99 Studio where 25 teams are engaging in scatterbraining activities! Four teams hold a workshop or experience session each month.

Fun Exhibition
To mark the first anniversary of π-Ville, ideas born from the space over the past 365 days are displayed.

Around the Corner Cinema
Every Wednesday night, an open-door theater around the benches at the corner of the first floor café in π-Ville operates. Not only films but also video clips produced by clubs or individuals are featured.

Question Mark Conference
This conference is a venue for students to discuss topics they are interested in! They share ideas together and the process is recorded and posted on the π-Ville website.

π-Ville Live
Music lovers can enjoy this stage together. You can enjoy diverse types of music and concerts for free.

Students select lecturers they want to meet and talk with.


A Shelter Between Classes
This shelter is a space for those who are looking for something fun in between classes! Let’s be scatterbrains with friends away from cafés, club rooms, or the library.


“Deading”: An Exhibition
An exhibition of things that represent the boredom and hardships university students suffer from.


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