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게시판 -- 목록(갤러리)
  • Writer : KU TODAY
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  • Date : 2018-02-01

-Both a festival for young entrepreneurs and a showcase
for their limitless potential


The 2017 Fall CHOO CHOO DAY event was held on November 3rd at Korea University LG-POSCO Hall.
CHOO CHOO DAY is a product of the Korea University Business School start-up research center, KUBS Start-up Station.
It is an event in which companies that have entered the KUBS Start-up Station in the past six months and have taken part in the start-up training program show their achievements to investors and industry stakeholders. More than 150 people attended the event, including people who were interested in start-ups as well as investors and industry stakeholders.

Seven companies including stiPop, offering an open emoticon platform; Hidden Track, offering a calendar subscription service; The Wealthy Unemployed, offering a smart expenditure curation service; the camera app SOVS, which provides a matching composition using a silhouette; Cosmetheus, offering a one-stop dermatologist reservation system; Soulgit, an advertisement-based global mobile game publisher; and POPPET, a pet-centered IoT company, participated in this year’s event. Each company introduced their products and services through a 10-minute public company presentation (Investor Relations) and their individual booths.


The companies participating in this event were selected at the 2017 Start-up Express, where less than 1 in 10 companies made the cut. Through this selection process, each company received up to 5 million won for operating expenses, office space, and networking and promotion/marketing services at the Iljin Center for Startup Incubation, located on the second floor of the KUBS Main Building. During their time there, they also received help establishing and running their start-ups from companies with an MOU with KUBS, such as Kim & Chang Law Firm, Samil Accounting, Amazon Web Services, and CROWDY Crowdfunding.

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