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A library becomes a dynamic space
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  • Date : 2020-05-29

A library becomes a dynamic space



When you think of a stereotypical library, you might envision a quiet, solemn room with identical tables and chairs lined up and a place where you can only borrow books or study quietly. But in an era where convergence and creativity are highly valued, libraries are more than just about books: they are places where ideas are shared, combined, and experimented. And Korea University’s Main Library is taking the lead in the evolution of libraries. In addition to serving the traditional role of collecting and storing resources, the Main Library has implemented flexible and unique spaces, as well as cutting-edge systems and services. Students who use the library are not only the consumers but producers of knowledge, generating fresh ideas. The Main Library is setting an example of how a university library can evolve through continuous innovations in hardware and software. This is the first part of a four-part article series on the transformation of libraries on KU’s campus.


CJ Creator Library (CCL)—a space for media-based knowledge production

Opened in May 2017, the CJ Creator Library (CCL) located in the basement of the Central Plaza is an innovative library for media-based knowledge production, learning, and relaxing. Here, KU students do various media-related activities, learn through discussions, and create media content. The library is designed to meet the needs of a generation of students who are familiar with IT technology and who value freedom and individuality. There are five studios for the production of media content, event halls for live performances and academic conferences, the Maru Rest Area for studying and resting on the floor, and size-adjustable study rooms.

The Medical Library equipped with a smart learning system

Korea University’s Medical Library went through many changes during its long history. In 1938, a library room was established at Kyeongsung Women’s Medical College (which was later merged into Korea University). In 1969, the library room was renamed “Mrs. Park Chun-Ja Memorial Library.” In 1991, all the books and resources in the library were moved to the four-story medical library building equipped with modern facilities on the Green Campus in Anam-dong. Fast forward to 2018, when the School of Medicine marked its 90th anniversary, the management at Korea University began to discuss ways to renovate the aged medical library building to meet student’s changing needs. Several KU alumni donated money for the renovation project, and a renovated medical library was opened at the end of 2019.


The new library was named the “Haeyeon Medical Library” in honor of the significant financial contribution made by alumna Kim Hae-ran. The Medical Library has studying and reading rooms and features spaces that reflect the concepts of collaboration, openness, sharing, specialization, and personalization, all of which are valued in today’s society. In addition, it includes media facilities that allow students to create a variety of media content, and spacious collaborative and resting areas. There is also a section for the archives of books and materials that showcase the history of the College of Medicine as well as a display on Nobel laureates in Physiology or Medicine and prominent medical scientists in Korea.

The Science and Engineering Library reopened after renovations

The Science and Engineering Library, one of the oldest, most prominent buildings on the Green Campus, has reopened after two months of renovations. Previously, the front lobby area and reading rooms were outdated and gloomy, and the mechanical room used to have noise and vibration problems. The refurbished lobby, designed as a multipurpose space, is luxurious and welcoming. The building is also dotted with spaces for discussions and resting.

Open libraries accessible for all

Among the most popular KU libraries are the “open libraries,” small libraries scattered on campus, which can be accessed by anyone, from KU students to local residents. Each open library holds books of different themes, such as hobbies and liberal arts, depending on the characteristics of the space. There are a total of 15 open libraries on campus—including ones at the Samsung Global Lounge, Media Hall, Smart Start-up Square, College of Informatics, College of Nursing Woojung Hall, College of Life Sciences & Biotechnology, College of Education, College of Medicine, KU-Lyceum, College of Engineering, KU Pride Club, KU Pride Club Lounge, School of Law, and π-ville.


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