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Biochips developed for extracting DNA from blood easily and quic...
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  • 일 자 : 2020-03-06

Biochips developed for extracting DNA from blood easily and quickly

Prof. Sehyun Shin and Kyong-Hwa Park’s team published their findings in npj Precision Oncology


▲ From left, Professor Sehyun Shin (corresponding author, KU School of Mechanical Engineering), 

Kyong-Hwa Park (co-author, KU College of Medicine).


Prof. Sehyun Shin's team at the Nano-Biofluignostic Research Center (NBRC) of Korea University has developed a microfluidic platform through which cell-free DNA, including tumor DNA that freely circulates in the blood, can be extracted within several minutes.


The findings were published online February 24 in npj Precision Oncology, a leading journal for tumor research by Nature Publishing Group.

※ Title: Precision cell-free DNA extraction for liquid biopsy by integrated microfluidics

※ Journal Link: 10.1038 / s41698-019-0107-0

※ Author: Prof. Sehyun Shin (corresponding author, School of Mechanical Engineering, Korea University), Kyong-Hwa Park (co-author, College of Medicine, Korea University), Dr. Ho-Yoon Lee (co-first author), Chan-hee Park (co-first author).


DNA, one of the substances secreted when tumor cells newly form or die, enters the blood vessels and freely circulates in the bloodstream. At the same time, cancer is known to metastasize when tumor DNA (ctDNA) attaches to and penetrates an organ. Therefore, liquid biopsy, that is, extracting and testing circulating ctDNA in the blood, is recognized as an alternative to tissue biopsy, and a way for precision medicine to conquer cancer.


The conventional extraction of DNA circulating in the blood involves a series of centrifugation processes, which is considered difficult to apply to clinical settings due to the risk of contamination and the complexity of the process. To solve this problem, Prof. Shin's team succeeded in developing a microfluidic kit that can be used under negative pressure to extract DNA in only 15 minutes.


[Figure] Microfluidic kit that extracts DNA from plasma under negative pressure


The kit was developed in collaboration with Professor Kyong-Hwa Park from the Department of Oncology, Korea University Anam Hospital, and successfully applied to the extraction and detection of tumor DNA circulating in blood, making monitoring drug responses in cancer patients easier and faster.



[Figure] Comparison of concentrations of tumor DNA extracted from the blood of cancer patients 

with CT images


“We have accelerated the transition from conventional tissue biopsy to liquid biopsy and revolutionized a new sample pretreatment process that can lead further development of precision medicine. We are currently working on commercializing this technology for more clinical applications,” said Professor Shin.


This research was supported by the KU Nano-Biofluignostic Research Center (NBRC), which is part of the Basic Research Project of the National Research Foundation of Korea.

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