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Mediheal Scholarship Foundation donated KRW 120 million to a sch...
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  • Date : 2019-05-27

Mediheal Scholarship Foundation donated KRW 120 million to a scholarship 

for KU international students

Since 2018, Mediheal Global Ambassador Scholarship has donated a total of KRW 360 million

▲ International students, the scholarship recipients, present a thank-you letter and a flower bouquet.


Ohsub Kwon, the chairman of Mediheal Scholarship Foundation, generously contributed KRW 120 million to a scholarship for KU international students.


Since 2018, Mediheal Scholarship Foundation has been donating funds called “Mediheal Global Ambassador Scholarship” for KU international students. Its donations for the students have accumulated KRW 360 million.


The Mediheal Global Ambassador Scholarship was created with the aim of helping KU international students to enjoy experiencing Korean culture and to act as liaisons between Korea and their countries after going back home.


Ohsub Kwon, the CEO of L&P Cosmetics, said, “Numerous customers from all around the world have given tremendous love to Mediheal. Now Mediheal wants to give back and donate funds for KU foreign students in order to help them enjoy their studies and cultural activities.”


▲ Chairman Kwon (third from the left) and KU President Jin Taek Chung (sixth from the left) pose for a commemorative photograph with participants including the KU international students at the ceremony for the Mediheal Global Ambassador Scholarship.


Jin Taek Chung, President of Korea University, expressed his gratitude by saying, “KU will fully support its international students so that they can enjoy experiencing Korean culture with the help of the precious scholarships, and grow to be global leaders who will form intimate friendships with Korea.”


The Mediheal Global Ambassador Scholarship provides KRW 200 thousand each month for a year for fifty international students who are in their fourth year in KU.


On May 17, Korea University had a ceremony for the “2019 Mediheal Global Ambassador Scholarship” at its Main Hall. Participants including Ohsub Kwon (’78, Department of Geology), the CEO of L&P Cosmetics and the chairman of Mediheal Scholarship Foundation, Jungsik Choi, the director of L&P Cosmetics, Jin Taek Chung, President of KU, Hyok Key Song, Vice President for Development and External Affairs, and Jung Ho Kim, Vice President for International Affairs, attended the ceremony.


For the ceremony, KU students prepared special presents for Mr. Kwon in order to express their gratitude for his generosity. The KU international students who received a Mediheal Global Ambassador Scholarship presented him with a flower bouquet and a thank-you letter. An LED photo of Mr. Kwon made by one of the students was also given to him. Mr. Kwon kept on smiling and thanked the students for their heartful gifts.


Mr. Kwon has demonstrated consistent interest in supporting KU students since 2011, contributing academic scholarships, KRW 12 billion for the College of Science building construction project fund, education funds for purchasing high-tech research aids, and funds for the development of sports. His thoughtful borderless donations are shining a light on many places in need, contributing to a healthier and brighter society.


L&P Cosmetics, which operates the global mask sheet brand Mediheal, has sold 1.4 billion masks, building up its global brand power in 26 countries. Last year, L&P Cosmetics won the Tower of Export for exporting 100 million dollars’ worth of products, and was selected as a Unicorn, whose business value was over KRW 1000 billion. With its generous donations, L&P Cosmetics is now causing a sensation once again.

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