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KU celebrates Crimson Honors Club Day with its generous benefact...
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  • Date : 2019-05-13

KU celebrates Crimson Honors Club Day with its generous benefactors

 who accelerate KU’s growth and cultivate talented students


▲ KU President Chung Jin Taek (tenth from left), donors, their families and officials 

pose for a commemorative photograph at the ceremony


On April 25 in Central Plaza, Korea University invited its generous donors, who have contributed to the growth of their alma mater and the cultivation of talented students, to attend a ceremony to celebrate Crimson Honors Club Day. More than twenty donors, their families, KU President Chung Jin Taek and important KU officials attended the ceremony.


Korea University formed the Crimson Honors Club to recognize those who have donated more than KRW 100 million and to offer them its special programs. A Crimson Honors Club Day invitational event, which has been held twice a year since 2017, is a part of those programs.


The event comprised several functions that gave attendees a firsthand look at the KU developments that have been made possible by donations. They included the digital donors’ wall presentation, a visit to the KU Pride Club Lounge where donors are recognized, a tour of the Korea University campus and Museum, and a ceremony to award Crimson Honors appreciation.


Roh Ick Sang, chairman of Hankook Research, said, “It has been a while since I visited my alma mater and being here today reminds me of old memories with my friends and professors. I will always love and support Korea University, my home in my heart.”


Kim Seokgi, a Silicomtech director, showed his affection for KU students, saying, “I hope KU’s young students will set clear goals, study hard, become professionals and live happy lives. Above all, your health is what matters, so please exercise and stay healthy.”


Lee Soongwon, emeritus professor at Sookmyung Women’s University, attended the ceremony on behalf of his sister, Lee Choongye, a KU donor and emerita professor at Dongguk University. He said, “I used to visit KU with my sister, but today I am here alone without her because she is now quite aged.” He expressed his gratitude, saying, “I am thankful for the special respect KU showed my sister.”


KU President Chung Jin Taek said, “I am grateful for those who have shared their sincere hearts with KU. I believe that many of the donors here made donations, dreaming of not only KU’s, but also our society’s, growth. KU will continue to inform our donors of how their precious support will be used and do our best to pay tribute to their generosity.”


Donor generosity has always been present throughout KU’s 114 years of history. KU, the first Korean university that celebrated a thirtieth anniversary and built a place to record its history of donations and to remember the spirit of sharing, respects its donors in a novel way. This tradition continues today, and its spirit helps KU lead the donation culture for Korean universities. It has adopted a benefactor-customized donation system, practices transparent management of donations and information regarding them, and offers special programs to large donors.


In a bid to bequeath its sharing tradition, KU created a Donor’s Wall in the Sudang Samyang Faculty House. The wall consists of fountain pen-shaped nameplates on which the names of large donors are inscribed. The shape of the nameplates implies that the pen supported the benefactors’ charitable decision as well as students devoting themselves to their studies. KU also expresses its gratitude for its donors by holding a Crimson Masters Concert three or four times a year and offering them medical care at the Korea University Medical Center.


KU will continue to spread the spirit of sharing, gratefully communicating with its donors about KU’s development and vision.

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