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Opening ceremony of the exhibition held at KUPC Lounge
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  • Date : 2019-03-05

KU’s history of philanthropy at a glance

Opening ceremony of the exhibition held at KUPC Lounge

The KU Pride Club crosses the benchmark of 50,000 donors and 5,000 members


To celebrate KU Pride Club crossing the benchmark of 50,000 donors and 5,000 members, Korea University installed a 5x5 display case with an exhibition of The History of Korea University’s Philanthropy in the KU Pride Club Lounge, Level B1 Central Plaza.


The opening ceremony of the exhibition took place at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, February 20, 2019 at the KU Pride Club Lounge, joined by President Jaeho Yeom; Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Gil-Sung Park; Executive Vice President for Research Kwan-Young Lee; Executive Vice President for Sejong Campus Cheung-O An; Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs Kee- Hyung Lee; Vice President for Development and External Affairs and Vice President for Capital Planning Byung-Hyun Yoo; and KU Pride ambassadors to highlight the turning points in KU’s philanthropic history and celebrate KU Pride Club for reaching 50,000 donors and 5,000 members.



The History of Korea University’s Philanthropy is an open exhibition that explores the University’s history of charitable giving. The history of KU, historical collections of philanthropy, KU’s 40th anniversary brochures, books about the history of the University, alumni authored books, and books from the KU reading list are displayed on the shelf to highlight moments in KU’s philanthropic history.

President Yeom expressed his congratulations on the opening of the exhibition saying, “I hope we will continue to shape the future by realizing the ambitions of the people who helped build Korea University to become what it is today.”


KU’s strengths lie in its history of philanthropy and the ambitions and commitment of the people who believed in “national salvation through education”.. The Main Library, (current Graduate School Building) built in commemoration of the 30th anniversary, was the first of its kind to be funded by community of people. Such unassailable belief in charitable giving continues to this day.


Established in 2015, the KU Pride Club raises small fundraising campaigns. Its donors include alumni parents, students, business owners and anyone willing to support KU in its goal to to reach its full potential. In the spirit of community and collaboration, 5,037 members have now joined the club, and it has raised a total of KRW 5.5 billion (delivered by 15,765 accounts). The funding is used by the club to award scholarships to cover living expenses and student exchanges and to provide breakfast for KU students.



The exhibition of the KU’s philanthropic history is open to all at the KU Pride Club Lounge, located at Level B1 in the Central Plaza.

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