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"Hoping to help KU students study with no financial burden"
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  • Date : 2019-10-02

"Hoping to help KU students study with no financial burden"

Dr. Hye Ran Ju gives one billion won in scholarship money to KU in accordance with her late parents’ wishes


▲From left to right, Emeritus Professor Kook-Hwan Rhim, Dr. Hye Ran Ju, 

Korea University President Jin Taek Chung, Dean of KU College of Health Science Jong-Tae Lee, 

and Korea University Vice President for Development and External Affairs Hyok Key Song.


“I hope that it can help students study in high spirits at Korea University, a world-class university,” said Dr. Hye Ran Ju, a physician (’69, Medicine), during a visit to her alma mater to establish a 1 billion won scholarship fund ahead of the Chuseok national holiday.


Dr. Ju explained what motivated her to donate, “My father dedicated his entire life to combating infectious diseases at organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), and my mother worked for the sick, poor and lonely at nursing homes. In particular, my mother showed her expectations and interest in KU's health science in her will before she died, honoring my father's legacy. I decided to donate according to my mother’s will.”


Dr. Ju donated the 1 billion won scholarship to the College of Health Science of KU to commemorate her father and his legacy according to her mother’s will.


In appreciation of the donation, Korea University held a ceremony at the KU Main Building on September 10, when Dr. Ju, head of the ATMIN Health Examination Center, visited the university. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Ju, KU President Jin Taek Chung, Dean of KU College of Health Science Jong-Tae Lee, KU Vice President for Development and External Affairs Hyok Key Song, and Emeritus Professor Kook-Hwan Rhim of the Korea University Division of Health Policy and Management.



Dr. Kyeong Shin Kim (3rd class of College of Medicine), the mother of Dr. Hye Ran Ju, graduated from the Department of English at Ewha Womans University and earned a medical degree from Seoul Women's Medical University, the forerunner of the Korea University College of Medicine. She was active in helping others and became a role model for younger scholars, while operating a nursing home for poor elderly people until she died at the advanced age of 100.


Her father Dr. In Ho Ju, well known as a pioneer of Korea’s preventive medicine, served in 1963 as a founding dean of Korea's first private health college, the predecessor of KU’s College of Health Science. Later, in 2016, a merger of health colleges resulted in the launch of the College of Health Science, which is leading the way for education and research in a manner that suits the health environment of the 21st century.


KU President Jin Taek Chung stated, “KU students will continue to write the history of health science, studying happily with precious scholarships of warm support. We will do our best to cultivate excellent physicians and medical practitioners who will lead the world, respecting the honorable wishes of Dr. In Ho Ju and Dr. Kyeong Shin Kim, who laid the foundation of the College of Health Science.”


Dr. Hye Ran Ju graduated from the KU College of Medicine in 1975. Following her graduation, she was appointed the director of a small community health center in Cheongwon-gun, Chungbuk, a first for a woman in Korea.

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