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Comprehensive support from entrance to graduation, and career gu...
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  • Date : 2018-10-11

Comprehensive support from entrance to graduation, and career guidance
Cooperation MOU signed between Korea University and SAP
Korea's first collaboration between a university and an IT solution company, aimed at implementation of student activity analysis and machine learning platform




▲ Jaewook Kim, Vice President for Planning and Budget (left) of Korea University and Kim Bum-jae (right), Vice President of SAP Korea, pose for a commemorative photo after signing the MOU.
ning the MOU



Destined to become a model case of domestic universities leading the 4th industrial revolution



Korea University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the company SAP, a leading provider of enterprise application software, at the International Center for Converging Technology at 10:30 am on Tuesday, October 2.



Through this agreement, Korea University will implement SAP’s Student Activity Hub solution, and is sending a sign that it intends to support students from entry to graduation, and throughout their careers.



The Student Activity Hub collects information such as enrollment type, enrollment status, course registration and grade status by semester, and scholarships related to specific students, so that a student's information can be viewed and analyzed in real time, and the student's prospects forecasted.



The focus of the various and detailed analyses that are carried out are as follows: ▲the examination of which major takes the longest time to graduate from, ▲the correlation between the number of students and the grades obtained, ▲the characteristics of students who drop out, ▲the identification of the subjects that are difficult to enroll in and the causes of this.



Based on the results of this analysis, it is possible to send personalized messages to individual students. In this way, the plan is to prevent students from coming up short when faced with the challenges of school life and to help them utilize the various school support programs effectively. Furthermore, based on this strategy, it will be possible to support graduation and career advancement.




The business model of both organizations will be the first project in Korea in which universities and IT solution companies collaborate to build an integrated analysis and machine learning platform dedicated to student activities, and hopes are high that it will become a model for domestic universities to follow, in this way becoming the leading edge of the era of the fourth industrial revolution.
※ Machine Learning Platform
- A platform on which a computer learns through assimilating external data based on a learning model, and obtains new information or derives future predictive information



SAP is a leading provider of enterprise application software, enabling companies of all sizes across a broad range of industries to achieve better business outcomes. From support teams to executives, from distribution to sales, from desktops to mobile devices, SAP helps people and organizations to work more efficiently and to leverage business insights to stay ahead of the competition. Today, more than 400,000 customers worldwide use SAP applications and services for revenue management, rapid adaptability, and continued growth.


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