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Talk with an internationally renowned journal editor: How to pub...
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  • Date : 2018-07-06

Talk with an internationally renowned journal editor: How to publish your articles successfully
The 2nd KU Academic Research Information Seminar 2018 




The Korea University Library and the Korea University Center for Media Industry invited Professor Erik Bohlin from the Chalmers University of Technology to deliver a lecture at the CJ Creator Library Event Hall in the Central Plaza on Wednesday, June 27 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.

A former president of the International Telecommunications Society and the Editor-in-Chief of Telecommunications Policy, Bohlin has been delivering lectures and leading seminars in universities and other research institutions in Korea.

Over one hundred KU faculty members and graduate students attended Bohlin’s seminar – How to Publish Your Articles in International Journals.

Having briefly introduced Telecommunications Policy for which he is the Editor-in-Chief, Bohlin began his lecture on academic publication. He addressed the importance of organizing a manuscript before writing the article in earnest, and of complying with the guidelines on the choice of research topics and methods for the sake of efficiency.







Research ethics is also a key, Bohlin emphasized, especially in contemporary society: when referring to or citing others’ articles, one must always note the fact appropriately in accordance with the format that each journal requires. The author must contribute significantly to research in conceptualizations, designs, data collections, analyses, and interpretations in order to claim authorship of the articles based on it. Ghost Authors who write someone else’s article, Guest Authors who lend their names on someone else’s articles for a better chance of publication, and Gift Authors who enlist their names on articles they made no contributions to are all major examples of research ethics violations.

Another issue that needs to be considered for an ethical publication is conflicts of interests. Authors must continuously verify that their research is under no conflict of interest – that sponsorships, kinships, and other personal relationships, and/or one’s own accomplishments and convictions have not inappropriately affected the research. Bohlin also explained in detail about various types of ethics research violations such as plagiarism, double submissions, manipulations, and salami slicing.

In addition to the introduction of basic concepts in research ethics, Bohlin elaborated on them by going over the publisher Elsevier’s Research Ethics Code and several relevant cases. Following quick quizzes on research ethics and a Q&A session, the 2-hour lecture reached its end.



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