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Korea University students’ stories packed with ‘creativity’ swee...
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  • Date : 2020-12-23

Korea University students’ stories packed with ‘creativity’ sweep contests   
Announcement of final results of the 6th Story Theme Park Creative Content Contest
Musical about how a genius tightrope walker in the Late Period of Joseon pioneered his destiny wins First Prize
Web drama detailing the story of a grandfather and granddaughter in a special restaurant that hosts only people from the past as guests wins the Excellence Award

제6회 스토리테마파크 창작 콘텐츠 공모전 최종 결과 발표

Students of the Department of Arts Humanities and Creative Industry (headed by Ji Young-rae) of the College of Liberal Arts won First Prize and 5 million won in prize money at the '6th Story Theme Park Creative Content Contest', hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and run by the Korean Studies Advancement Center.

A total of 73 teams applied to participate in this year’s contest held at The War Memorial of Korea from 11 am to 5 pm on Saturday, Nov. 7. 17 teams were selected on the basis of the first review of their plans and in the second interview eight finalists were selected to progress. The final ranking was determined on the basis of the third and final 'pitch' assessment.  

Korea University’s Eoreumsani team, made up of students Shin Yong-hee (Department of Economics), Ha Tae-hee (Department of Korean Language and Literature), Park Sang-jin (School of Art & Design), and Oh Se-yoon (Department of Economics), won First Prize, the Korea Institute for National Studies Promotion Award, for their musical project titled .  




This work depicts the growth process of a talented tightrope walker in the Late Period of Joseon, who pioneered his own destiny. The judges said that the story of Baudeoki and the Namsadang troupe was very impressive. In particular, they commended the use of tightrope walking and Baudeoki as the subject matter of a musical. Professor Yoo Dong-hwan of Konkuk University, who served as the chairman of the judging committee, was particularly struck by “The first female Ggokdusueh (regarded as the leader of the Namsadang troupe), ridiculing power from the top of the tightrope of fate”
* Baudeoki : a person who is said to have been a woman in the late Joseon Dynasty who led the Namsadang troupe (a group of minstrels who performed popular Joseon dances and songs).

With this award, along with the Grand Prize presented by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Participant Prize awarded in 2019, students majoring in the Humanities and Creative Industry have now won awards for two consecutive years.

Park Jong-chun, who supervised and acted as a mentor to the students while lecturing on a variety of themes in the humanities and the cultural industries said, “The reason why students have achieved outstanding results for the second year in a row is because they maximized their potential through peer learning project collaboration based on Project Based Learning (PBL), which combines the imagination inherent in the humanities with understanding of the cultural industry. I will continue to encourage students to enhance their analytical and planning skills, and support them in gaining great experiences by applying for various competitions.”





Meanwhile, the 'Hyeyum' team, which received the Excellence Award and 2 million won in prize money, is composed of Department of Creative Writing and Media Studies students from Korea University’s Division of Culture Creativity, and Sungkyunkwan University students. The ‘Hyeyum’ team submitted a web drama titled, . This work depicts the life of a grandfather's and granddaughter's special restaurant that hosts only people from the past. The judges raved that the work was based on novel material and that the plot and characters were very convincing. In particular, they felt that the screen, overflowing with delicious food, evoked abundance and comfort, nostalgia and warmth.

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