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Armed with machine learning, ‘Korea University AI Senior’ become...
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  • Date : 2020-12-23

The first among domestic universities to unveil an AI that recommends customized liberal arts courses
Replete with machine learning capacity, ‘Korea University AI Senior’ becomes even smarter
Second major search service, second major guidance materials and keyword search function among new features provided
 Plays an even more important role in the 'untact' era in which it is difficult for seniors and juniors to meet together
Soliciting the supply of career information from graduates, plans to continuously expand the functions of ‘AI Senior’



더 스마트해진 ‘고려대 AI 선배’


In July of this year, Korea University became the first among domestic universities to develop and implement an AI-customized liberal arts course recommendation system, the 'AI Senior' program for students, and in November a machine learning-based second major (double major, interdisciplinary major, student design major) search function was added.

Korea University requires students to complete an intensive major or a second major in addition to the standard major of their department. Students can choose one of 88 second majors, including an interdisciplinary major established by two or more departments, or a student-designed major.

This second major search service includes employment-related guidance materials from the Career Development Center, student activity survey data from the Center for Teaching and Learning, and book check-out data from the library. Students can receive information about potential career paths and book check-out lists of the seniors of their second major.


더 스마트해진 ‘고려대 AI 선배’


더 스마트해진 ‘고려대 AI 선배’



With the launch of this service, instead of thumbing through a thick catalog of curricula, students can do their research by viewing the 'second major map' on a computer or mobile screen, or by doing keyword searches in order to assess the similarities and differences between second majors.

KU Data Hub extracted 51,486 keywords by processing the text of 88 second major syllabuses, lecture plans, and subject outlines in order to develop a second major search service. In the keyword extraction process, 760,000 Korean keywords from the Korea Citation Index (KCI) were extracted and collated as a glossary in order to improve the terminological accuracy of the system in relation to a range of academic fields.

Subsequently, the accuracy of searches was improved by analyzing the similarities between the second majors and the extracted keywords, and the range of recommended keywords is expected to be increased through the collation of search terms that students use.



더 스마트해진 ‘고려대 AI 선배’



In July of this year, Korea University launched the first Korean AI-customized liberal arts course recommendation system, which is based on the machine learning of 20 years of the course history data of seniors, and named it ‘AI Senior’. With the addition of this second major search service, Korea University AI Senior will play an important role in these times of 'untact' caused by COVID-19.

Korea University is promoting a campaign to encourage graduates to supply information on their career paths, which can be referenced by current students. In accordance with the requirements of the era of the 4th industrial revolution, the functions of 'AI Senior' will continue to expand.    



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