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Completion of Mediheal EES (Earth and Environmental Sciences) Ha...
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  • Date : 2020-07-23

Completion of Mediheal EES (Earth and Environmental Sciences) Hall, a facility dedicated for basic science and global environment research

The building is expected to provide a platform for science education, research, and industry-university cooperation projects.

Kwon Oh-sub, CEO of L&P Cosmetic donates 12 billion won for students at his alma mater.


▲ [Photo] Distinguished guests at the ceremony cutting a ceremonial ribbon


Korea University hosted a completion ceremony for Mediheal EES (Earth and Environmental Sciences) Hall, a facility for basic science and global environment research. The 7-story building with one basement floor is built on a gross floor area of 7,041 square meters (approximately 2,130 pyeong), designed as a dedicated facility for research on global climate change and various environmental changes in order to improve and restore the global environment in the future.


The horizontal design of its exterior embodies the appearance of geological strata, which is intended to convey the concept of ‘changes and orders accumulated over time.’ Transparent glass surfaces are in good contrast to repetitive layers of different materials, creating a harmony of flexibility and solidity. The way it is connected with and accessed from adjoining buildings and outside is related to its goal of becoming an organic place which interacts with its surroundings and considers the existing topography and the flow of human traffic.


Inside, the first floor has a connecting lobby, lecture theaters, and amenities to amplify its accessibility and publicness. Its upper floors accommodate research and testing labs, vertically separating the building into two different areas. With rest areas on each floor, the building has a functional floor plan which maximizes efficiency in creating a perfect environment for education and research.


What is more noteworthy is the fact that the building adopts a renewable energy system to harness solar energy as well as groundwater energy. With G-SEED (the green building certification system of Korea) and Energy Efficiency Rating received, the building is certified as an environmentally-friendly building. This makes the building more meaningful in terms of providing a pleasant space and convenience to its users while protecting the environment.


Kwon Oh-sub, CEO of L&P Cosmetic, a globally acknowledged cosmetic brand, donated 12 billion won to Korea University in November, 2016. Kwon, who graduated from the Department of Geology (currently, the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences) at the College of Science, received a master’s degree in geology. He felt sorry that despite his educational background in geology, he turned his eyes to the cosmetic industry. In 2016, when the university celebrated its 111th anniversary, Kwon decided to make a large donation for students in his alma mater. His donation was allocated as part of the construction fund for the college and used to build Mediheal EES (Earth and Environmental Sciences) Hall. Honoring his wish, the university promised Kwon that it will encourage the college to support research for the future and provide faithful education services in order to become one of the top-notch educational institutions in the world.


Kim Jae Ho, Chairman of the Korea University Foundation, addressed the completion ceremony that took place on July 14, at 3 pm. “CEO Kwon’s enthusiasm and passion for donation have always been a good example for us. His true love and care for his alma mater finally has come to fruition. Thanks to him, the KU College of Science now has a special research facility with cutting-edge equipment. I hope the college will become a cradle for men of talent in the field of basic science and ultimately develop as a world-renowned science college,” said Kim.


▲ [Photo] Front view of Mediheal EES (Earth and Environmental Sciences) Hall


Chung Jin Taek, President of Korea University, delivered his congratulatory message. “The idea of constructing Mediheal EES (Earth and Environmental Sciences) Hall was started from a noble donation made by an alumnus who deeply loves his alma mater. We listened carefully to his opinions and tried our best to reflect them in the design of the building. It is expected that the building will play a role as a key cog for university-industry cooperation, including a project with L&P Cosmetic, and the university’s research effort in basic science. In addition, the building will become a symbolic place where the spirit of respecting existing traditions and creating new ones is realized and the concept of acknowledging differences yet pursuing the same goal is delivered.” He continued, “As the building is based on Kwon’s wish for the development of basic science in Korea and his endless love for his alma mater, the university will do its best to develop the building as a platform for science education, research, and university-industry cooperation projects.”


President Chung also expressed his expectation for the development of the college. “Even in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, when state-of-the-art technologies such as AI and Big Data are taking the lead in overall changes, the future of a nation is determined by how solidly its basic science is founded. A solid foundation for basic science can be established when students with talent are properly taught by prestigious professors in an optimized environment. In this background, the completion of Mediheal EES (Earth and Environmental Sciences) Hall is not only promising for the development of the university, but will also greatly contribute to the national development of basic science in the era of Next Normal when uncertainties prevail.”


Koo Ja-yeol, President of the KU Alumni Association said in his congratulatory speech, “With the most up-to-date laboratories and research facilities, Mediheal EES (Earth and Environmental Sciences) Hall is expected to bring dramatic changes to the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. I hope the building will become an incubator for talented students in science who will later contribute to the development of human society and also for notable research achievements in the field of earth and environmental sciences.”


CEO Kwon gave his impressions on the completion of the building. “I hope this place can be used for students and professors who have always had dreams in their minds. One day, I believe the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences of Korea University will become a top-tier research and education institution in the world.”


▲ [Photo] (From left) Lee Ki-su, former President of Korea University; So Chil-sup, professor emeritus at Korea University; 

Lee Sang-hoon, Dean of College of Sciences at Korea University; Chung Jin Taek, President of Korea University; 

Kim Jae Ho, President of the Korea University Foundation; Kwon Oh-sub, CEO of L&P Cosmetic; 

Koo Ja-yeol, President of the KU alumni Association; Yeom Jaeho, former President of Korea University


The ceremony attendants planted a pagoda tree in commemoration of the building construction. The tree was a sapling sprouted from seeds collected from pagoda trees growing at Jogyesa Temple which was the first site for Boseong College, the forerunner of Korea University. From old times, pagoda trees have been known for their branches growing in a free and vigorous shape. They are also known as scholar trees as they come into leaf the latest and their leaves stay the longest compared to other trees. They have been regarded as a symbol of ‘seon-bi’ (classical scholars in Korea) and academic studies.


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