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KU selected to train experts in urban restoration, gaining a fo...
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  • Date : 2020-05-06

KU selected to train experts in urban restoration,

gaining a foothold to lead the new deal project for urban restoration.

KRW 950 million in financial support over 5 years.



Korea University has been selected to train urban restoration experts who will play a pivotal role in urban restoration in the future, and will receive KRW 190 million annually, totaling KRW 950 million over the next five years.


The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Minister Kim Hyun-mee) has selected and announced Korea University, Inha University, Chungbuk National University, Kyungpook National University, Kyungsung University, and Gwangju University as special organizations to foster integrated talent with advanced degrees in urban restoration over the next five years.


The urban restoration expert training program selects and funds universities with master’s and doctorate courses to foster professionals who will lead the new deal of urban restoration. Each of the six universities selected will receive annual government funding of KRW 190 million for the next five years.


While operating regional-specialized master’s and doctorate programs, the universities will cooperate with local governments, urban restoration support organizations, and regional research institutes to form regional education associations, to foster regional urban restoration experts through systematic and professional education programs including lectures, research, and hands-on practice.


The regional education association will establish a system to utilize an urban restoration workforce by developing standard textbooks and programs for the phased training of urban restoration experts, and will seek information and career management measures to find job opportunities for the trained experts, in collaboration with Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH), which is in charge of the education programs.


A total of 29 distinguished universities in Korea applied for this program, and six universities were selected after the process of document screening, presentation, and site inspection.


KU plans to provide a converged education system through a field-based curriculum, on-site training by outside experts, and multidisciplinary training covering the fields of engineering and humanities, and eventually, build an ecosystem of professional human resources required for city-based / economy-based new deal projects and privately-led projects.

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