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KU students set up computer classes in a Himalayan school
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  • Date : 2019-10-17

After receiving generous support, KU students set up computer classes in a Himalayan school

Project Brotherhood (“ho-hyeong-ho-je”) 2019 in Kanday High School, 

Located at an Altitude of 3000m



Yun-gang Jung (’14, Department of Korean History), Seung-tae Kim(’13, Department of English Language and Literature), Ga-in Shin (’13, Department of Electrical Engineering) and Wan-su Kim (’14, Department of Russian Language and Literature) recently donated 15 computers, 1 beam projector and 5 tablet computers to Kanday School in Pakistan, hoping to spark the bright light of IT education in a mountainous village located at an altitude of 3000 meters. This would not have been possible without the active support of the KU Social Service Organization, the Department of English Language and Literature, the Department of Electrical Engineering, the KU Alumni Association and the Happiness Foundation. Despite coming from different majors, what brought the students together was that they were all part of the Software Technology and Entrepreneurship Program.



In August 2018, Jung took part in the 2018 Korean Youth Expedition Pakistan Himalaya Team and climbed to K2 Base Camp and Gondogoro La (5700m). At the time, Jung befriended a Sherpa mountain guide and learned that even though he was already working to make a living, he was the same age as Jung. Watching the Sherpa climbing the mountain in sandals, Jung wanted to reach out and help him. Jung had the opportunity to visit Kanday High School, which the Sherpa was attending, that was located in an isolated village at an altitude of 3000 meters. Seeing that the school of approximately 250 students had no chairs or desks, Jung became aware of the straitened circumstances of the Pakistani education system in that region.


While at the school, Jung met a Kanday High School teacher who told him that they taught Pakistan language and literature and mathematics; however due to the absence of computers, students lacked opportunities to experience much of the world that existed outside their community. The teacher asked Jung and others for their help so that the students there would not lose hope and give up on themselves. Jung felt how desperate the teacher was. After returning to Korea, Jung established Project Brotherhood (“ho-hyeong-ho-je”) and was determined to set up computer classes in Kanday School with the help of other KU students.


The journey to reach his goals was a difficult one. Jung said, “I visited 7 or 8 non-profit organizations, only to be told that Pakistan is classified as a dangerous country and therefore could not be supported.” This, however, did not stop him. Jung constantly uploaded postings on various funding websites and social media to make people aware of his plans.


Due to his continuous efforts, his pleas were finally heard. Alumni members (’84) of the Department of English Language and Literature donated 2,500,000 KRW, the KU Social Service Organization and KU Social Service Organization donated a beam projector and 5 tablet computers, and the KU Communications Team supported and promoted the project. In addition, Summit Karakoram, a travel agency specializing in Pakistan expeditions, helped out in installing the computers and paying the utility and electricity fees. With the help of many foundations and organizations, Kanday School was able to receive support.



The people behind Project Brotherhood said that they are already looking forward to what the 15 computers can bring to the Pakistani students. They also said that they were planning a Season 2 in order to establish a scholarship foundation to offer financial support and tuition for those who wish to study in Korea. Finally, they stated that they look forward to hearing stories full of wonderful achievements that the current Kanday High School students can tell and pass on to future Kanday students.

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